Anderson Silva Says His Son Will Be Better Than He Was At Fighting

(AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
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Former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva has some high praise for his son, Gabriel. The legend of the sport believes his 20-year-old son will be a better fighter than he is as his career goes on:

“Of course,” Silva told TMZ Sports when asked if his son could be better than him (as transcribed by BJPENN). “He’s not the mini Spider. “He’s the best Spider.”

Gabriel Silva has already started his fighting career as he had his Muay Thai debut recently and knocked his opponent out in 20 seconds. He has legitimate power, and Anderson believes his first fight was very impressive.

“First fight, but he’s good,” Silva said. “He has a great future inside the sport. He starts step-by-step first, I think that’s very important.”

Although Silva is a former UFC champion and still fights in the UFC, he says his son beats him up in sparring. If that is true, Gabriel Silva could be a name many combat sports fans start to take note of as he could be the real deal very soon.

Whether or not “The Spider” is hyping him up is uncertain. But, his first fight showed he has star potential and has what it takes to win fights.

Do you think Gabriel Silva will be better than Anderson Silva?

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