Alex Oliveira had some hilarious advice for Niko Price ahead of their fight at UFC Vegas 38.

Price recently announced on social media that he expected the birth of his sixth child in the coming months. His Brazilian opponent who is the father of 11 kids was quick to give out some parenting tips during an interview with MMA Fighting ahead of UFC Vegas 38.

“I’d tell him, ’If you can get a vasectomy already, do it, brother,’” Oliveira said. “I was sexist. ‘Will it continue the same way after surgery?’ And I got 11. If I had done surgery before, I would have gotten only four or five [kids].

“That’s my advise for him, man. Know the truth. Get the surgery done already, because it seems that condoms can’t stop us.”

With so many extra mouths to feed Oliveira is always gunning for a post-fight bonus. It seems his chances of snagging an extra ,000 will greatly increase with the always-exciting Price standing across the Octagon from him.

“He’s very versatile, a tough guy that can take a beating,” Oliveira said of Price. “He’s the type of guy that you have to stay alert at all times and in shape, and put pressure at all times. My camp was very medieval. You can expect anything from him so I had to train everything for him. I’m ready for a war.”

Both men enter this fight in a run of poor form. Oliveira is very aware of the consequences of suffering a third-straight UFC defeat.

“I’m on this journey for a long time,” Oliveira said. “I know we can’t disappoint. I’m going there to give them what they want and have my hands raised. That’s what I need at the moment. I always put pressure over myself, but highs and lows do exist.

“I’ve studied him completely, I know he has won by knockout off his back, with upkicks and unexpected strikes. I’m well-trained, I’m focused. He’s the type of fighter that will try to finish me, take me down and keep me there and win round after round, but the only way you’ll win round after round is if I stand still. I’m hungry, man. I’m here for a fight.”

Do you think Niko Price will listen to Alex Oliveira and get the snip?