The week that has just passed us by, has to be the slowest of the entire year for sports fans. The MLB All Star Game is the big attraction, but it's just one evening. No games before, nothing for a couple of days after. We are left to try and quench our sports thirst with endless NBA trade rumors, the Home Run Derby (which is really way too long…) and bits and pieces of this and that. 

Somehow, through it all, I did have some thoughts on those bits and pieces. They probably belong on twitter, but here I'm in charge of the rules, and 140 notes or less is not my style of choice. Enjoy.

– This year's All Star game was one of the biggest duds in a while. Very disappointing. 

– Is it just me or are the Knicks absolutely out of their minds for apparently letting Jeremy Lin get away? I don't care how well he does or doesn't do on the court, this guy is such an attraction, you don't let him walk (unless you got Peyton Manning to replace him…). I also don't get Lin. You think you'll be a huge national attraction out in Houston? Hmmm… wouldn't bet on it. 

– Somebody wake me up when Dwight Howard lands somewhere. I can't hear about it anymore. I really can't. 

– I'm seriously bummed  about Blake Griffin missing the Olympics. In my mind he's the most exciting and entertaining basketball player on the planet right now. Team USA should still be a thrill to watch, though. 

– Kyrie Irving reportedly broke his hand slapping a wall. Did Amare start some sort of trend? 

To end on some positive notes, baseball is back, and the Olympics are only 12 days away. I've already downloaded the official app and I'm good to go. Starting to get excited! 

Have a great week everybody. Stay cool. 

Couldn't have expressed it better myself.  


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