BlogKick: 5 things to expect from UFC 126


1. Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort– Expect to see a lot of running in this fight. I dont think Anderson is just going to stand and bang with Vitor, at least not in the first two Rounds. I think we are going to see Vitor coming on strong in Round 1, and Anderson backing up. Personally I expect to see Vitor running from Anderson in every way possible once he sees that Anderson can take his punches and doesn’t die. On the ground Anderson will be able to submit Vitor, if he proves to be more physically strong. Don’t expect a KO. TKO maybe. I’m looking for Anderson to submit Vitor via armbar in Round 4.

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2. Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin– Expect blood from these guys. There will be blood, puddles hopefully. This fight should not go the distance but I expect Rich to move quick in and out and keep Forrest off his game. If it goes to the ground later on in the fight, Forrest should be giving a clinic in ground and pound.

3. Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones– In this fight I think we all expect to see fireworks. I expect this will be fight of the night. Look for Jonny Bones Jones to come with some crazy timing in his counter strikes and Bader to try to knock Jons head off like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot. Expect Jones to KO Bader in this fight, maybe KO of the night, but for sure Fight of the Night.

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4. Miguel Angel Torres vs Antonio Banuelos– We should all expect a big finish in this one. Antonio will be giving up a big height advantage and Torres needs to get a good solid win under his belt. Look for a killer finish from Torres, probably a slugfest in the first Round, and the death blow from Torres in Round 2.

5. Chad Mendes vs Michihiro Omigawa– Now I know what you are thinking, what about Cowboy, Ellenberger, Johnson, hell even Rocha. Well my friends, I’m way more excited to see Mendez in the Octagon and the outcome could line up a future title shot for if he wins. I’m expecting an act of God here. I am expecting Mendez to look extremely sharp on his feet and matching Omigawa in the the stand up.Expect omigawa to look flat-footed. Expect Mendez to shoot early on and rely on his wresteling skills a lot, but I’m expecting a TKO/KO of Omigawa in the first round. Crazy right? Here’s to wishfull thinking, all you Lowkickers. Anything can happen in MMA, let’s just look forward to some good action either way.

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