Harrowing news has broken within the world of MMA, as a 16-year-old MMA fighter has lost his life during an amateur bout following a spinning back kick knockout. 

Although it is not uncommon to see young teenagers competing in amateur MMA fights, it is unusual when safety rules are broken. 

Just like how you would see in boxing, these contestants usually have modified rulesets and require specific protective gear to commence with an event, in order to protect young competitors from serious injury or in this case death. 

Broken MMA rules lead to preventable death

While those safety rules and precautions are put into place does not automatically mean they are always followed or honoured, particularly where oversight is slim. 

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Unfortunately, it is the people in charge who have the responsibility to show their maturity and enforce these rules for the protection of these teenagers regardless of the situation. 

However, in the case of an MMA tournament in the city of Belogorsk, the clear neglect for what is well-researched safety precautions would result in deadly consequences.

Reports have emerged that the 16-year-old, who was competing at the Open MMA Cup of the Rodina Sports Club, had passed away in hospital after being rushed into intensive care. 

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Following the news, a video of the knockout has surfaced social media, were fans can clearly see there was no headgear in sight. 

After the blow to the head, the young man was knockout unconscious, subsequently he was rushed to hospital, nonetheless the 16-year-old would sadly pass away. 

Aforementioned in the social media post, the rules for 16–18 year old combatants in amateur MMA within this region dictate that athletes are required to wear headgear. 

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Regardless, the young man who passed away apparently requested not to wear his headgear, a wish – for some reason – that was granted by the reported head judge and promotor of the event. 

The sport’s Union of Russia are now investigating the tragedy that seemed entirely avoidable. 

Nonetheless, LowKickMMA would like to offer their condolences to the friends and family of this young unnamed fighter. 

Does MMA need to adapt it’s safety measures? 

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