Jon Jones Reacts To 13-Minute Video Of His Latest Arrest Leaking

jon jones

New footage has been released, showing the full, unedited footage of Jon Jones’ arrest last September in Las Vegas, in response to a domestic violence call.

In the newest 13-minute long body cam footage which was first obtained by MMAFighting, we first once again front and centre to witness an uncomfortable chapter in the Jon Jones saga.

In the first half of the video, we see several officers responding to a domestic violence report, in search of the former champion throughout the Cesar’s Palace, discussing Jones as they go.

“who is he fighting”, one of the officers questioned, “he’s not fighting this week?”

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“Nobody now” an officer responds.

The officers eventually leave the Casino and proceed to get into their vehicles, where they drive around the street to be met by an already handcuffed Jones.

Why are you guys doing this?” says a clearly intoxicated Jones, “Ah man, This is so humiliating. I got the Hall of Fame tonight and then you’re gonna put me on this by walking down the street.”

Jones who is visibly upset begins to call the officers ‘nerds’, tells them that he hates them, and calls one of the officers a ‘cracker’. Jones would also make an attempt to accuse the police officers of racial profiling, accusing them of arresting them because he is ‘big and black’.

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At this point, Jones begins to jump and down and this is where he would infamously headbutt the police car.

Following the incident, Jones was charged with domestic violence, misdemeanor battery, felony injury, and tampering with a vehicle.

Jones also revealed last night that his fiancé had left him and “won’t be coming back. “f you are a Jon Jones hater, have a toast, I feel like shit” Jones posted on social media.

The UFC legend has recently spoken out about his arrest video leaking.

“lol I was hoping that video got lost in some files somewhere,” Jones tweeted.

What do you think the future of Jon Jones Holds?