10 Craziest MMA Drug Testing Stories

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As the sport of MMA has grown over the years, so has the level of drug testing aimed at catching those fighters who are attempting to cheat the system and gain an unfair advantage over their opponent.

However, regardless of the harsh punishments that organizations like the UFC now employ, there are always fighters who continue to look for new ways to break the rules, leading to even more elaborate drug testing procedures being implemented to ensure they don’t get away with it.

In this article we’ll look at the craziest stories that have emerged from drug testing in the sport over the years, from the unbelievable lengths some fighters have gone to in order to avoid detection, through to the draconian and downright creepy measures drug testing officials have taken to try to catch them.

Kevin Randleman’s Fake Penis

If nothing else, the late Kevin Randleman gets an A for effort when it comes to his wacky attempt to cheat the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC)’s urine test when PRIDE hosted a rare event outside of Japan in Las Vegas back in 2006.

“[Randleman] basically used a fake penis, put on a pair of bike shorts, had a cup and came in to take pre-fight urine,” Former NSAC director Keith Kizer recalled in an interview with Reuters.

“He lifted up the leg of shorts, took out the fake penis and did the test. We checked on temperature, sent it to a lab, and we found it was fake urine.”

NSAC banned Randleman from fighting for a year as a result of the incident, but his actions also ended up impacting on every other fighter’s privacy from that point onwards.

”We said ‘look, now you guys have to pull down your shorts so that whoever is administering the test can see everything,” Kizer said of their efforts to stop something like this happening again in the future.

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