WSOF returns in March, Andrei Arlovski vs Anthony “Rumble” Johnson set to headline


Well it looks like the remaining fight organizations outside of the UFC are not only surviving but continuing to steadily grow and get busier.

After recently signing a three-year deal with NBC Sports MMA Fighting has reported that the World Series of Fighting or “WSOF” has its second event. Set for Saturday, March 23rd 10pm EST at the Revel Sports & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski will be headlining against former Welterweight, Middleweight, Light-heavyweight and now one-time Heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Arlovski confirmed the news via his Twitter account on Monday. With soo many division changes it will be interesting to see how Johnson’s body takes to all the extra weight. So far he’s looked good at 205lbs with a four-fight win streak.

 Also fighting on the card will be Bantamweights Marlon Moraes who will face off against Tyson Nam, and Lightweight Justin Gaethje vs Gesias Cavalcante.

Will you be watching the event? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • "former welterweight, middleweight, light-heavyweight, and now one-time heavyweight Anthony "Rumble" Johnson." LOL!!!!

    • lol

    • D

      Well technically dude, he never fought at middleweight. He tried, but it didn't work out so well.

      "former welterweight, catchweight, light-heavyweight, heavyweight…"

      He's fought at 170, 176, 177, 195, 197, 205, and counting.

      • At this rate I calculate he'll be fighting at super-heavyweight by 2015

  • Anthony Johnson at one point your potential looked limitless, what the hell happened? Do you just like the fried chicken a little too much?

    • IMO it was the weight cut. He was absolutely huge for the WW division.

  • Umm Anthony, I think we have to have a talk. You see in MMA what people do when they switch weight classes is they go down in weight to get the advantage.
    Anthony responds: "that's realllllly harrrrrrrd."
    Yes I know, it requires dieting and discipline.
    Anthony : " Big country, don't have too!"
    Ya well he is a heavy weight and you're a welter weight.
    KFC is now happy to sponsor the NEW Heavy Weight Anthony Rumble Johnson!!!

  • To the above; Johnson belongs at LHW or HW. He never should have been at WW or MW because his body is built for the higher wt classes. That is why he wasn't making weight. Did you guys not notice that he made Vitor Belfort (former LHW champ in UFC and Cage Rage as well as UFC HW tourni winner) look small?

    • IMO, he would have been perfect at MW (well, not perfect but a good fit) if he had tried that weight class about a year or two before his first attempt there. His body just can't cut weight well anymore, which makes sense after cuting 30-40 lbs too often.

    • Ya you are right, but you got to admit it kinda funny.

  • This is desperate, seriously should arlovski even be stepping into a cage? The amount of times he has woke up face down from a brutal ko is just baffling, 7 of his 9 career losses are from KO, i know he has won 4 out of his last 5, (against average competition) although Johnson is first time HW he is still very dangerous. Its like the battle of f.u.c.ked up bodies, fried kidneys versus potential brain damage…….silly

    • Overeem has been knocked out 7 times, and yet people still believe he has an iron jaw

      • No he hasn't. Most of Overeems TKO losses were ref stoppages. He was not unconscious. He has only lost consciousness on a few occasions.

  • If Rumble wins I guarantee he'll call out Sapp

    • DG1

      Either that, or drop to flyweight and call out Demetrious Johnson!

      • ha! someone been learning how to write face palm! ha!

        • DG1

          diamond-mma2, after much contemplation and an expansion of my linguistic/grammatical skillset which has proven not only cerebrally challenging, but also transformative in much of my contemporary homiletical discourse, I propose that we evolve beyond such juvenile butchery of language.

  • DG1