UFC Fight Night 40 Main Card Recap: Matt Brown Topples Erick Silva In An Instant Classic


UFC Fight Night 40 is now a thing of the past and what a event it turned out to be.

The event took place at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, featuring a welterweight contest in the main event between “The Immortal” Matt Brown against the upcoming Erick Silva and what a fight it turned out to be.

The Brazilian started the fight well, dropping Brown with a body kick before threatening with a rear naked choke but the Ohio native came back with a vengeance and almost stopped Silva after a heavy onslaught.

Somehow the second round managed to be just as exciting as the first with both men going to war early before “The Immortal” took things to the mat. On the floor he was able to land some nice ground and pound, while also attacking with submissions.

The third round started out like the two before it, with the pair going to war. However, Brown mixed things up landing a takedown, from there he punished Silva with some hard shots to get the finish.

The co-main event turned out to be one of the best fights of the card, as middleweights Costas Philippou and Lorenz Larkin went to war for a couple of beautiful minutes inside the Octagon. Ultimately, Larkin was no match for the Cypriot who crushed the Strikeforce vet with a devastating left hook, right straight combination.

In the lightweight division, Daron Cruickshank put in the performance of his career finishing Erik Koch with a lethal high kick followed by a barrage of brutal elbows (a lot more than necessary). “The Detroit Superstar” now has two straight wins at 155 pounds both coming by way of knockout.

The first welterweight contest of the main card turned out to be a gritty back-and-forth battle as Neil Magny managed to outpoint Tim Means to pick up the first consecutive win of his UFC career. Magny played it smart throughout, using his reach and takedowns to take the points win.

In other action, Australia’s Soa Palelei picked up his third straight win in the UFC with another vicious knockout stopping Ruan Potts in his Octagon debut. Palelei picked up another quick stoppage taking out the former EFC heavyweight champion in just over two minutes into the very first round.

Kicking off the main card was a flyweight battle between the “Kamikaze” Chris Cariaso and Hawaii’s Louis Smolka which turned out to be an exciting affair. Despite a hard-fought effort by Smolka in the third round, Cariaso was the best man on the night, using his lightning quick hands to tag his taller opponent while also threading with constant submission attempts to earn him a split-decision win.

UFC Fight Night 40 Main Card Results:

Chris Cariaso def. Louis Smolka via split-decision

Soa Palelei def. Ruan Potts via knockout round 1

Neil Magny def. Tim Means via unanimous decision

Daron Cruickshank def. Erik Koch via knockout round 1

Costas Philippou def. Lorenz Larkin via knockout round 1

Matt Brown def. Erick Silva via TKO round 3

Photo: Kyle Terada for USA TODAY Sports

  • what does Erick Silva and Michael Bisbing have in common? every time they step up they get their butts whooped. and they will never get released because they are from different countries. and Dana wants the money from their fans.

  • THIS is the kind of fights I like to see. People are quick to say brawlers are the just bleed crowd and this proves that wrong. These guys used technical ground game, mixed it up and brawled. They let it all go! This is the difference between the pick and run fighters going for points and REAL fighters!

    • You dont get cut when you put on a real fight. Thats why Diego sanchez is still liked by so many.

  • Silva has incredible heart. I am an even bigger fan of both brown and him. I wanna see brown vs Hendricks next.

  • I can't believe the 2:1 underdog Matt Brown pulled that upset out of nowhere. Incredible!

    • Him being a 2:1 underdog in the first place was ridiculous…

  • that was an insane fight. heads up to both of them! give brown a top5 guy now and then the titleshot! i love that dude!

  • I had money on this fight and I was sweating when Brown got kicked in the stomach and went down. But he pulled through only to get hit in the stomach again later which nearly buckled him. Surprised Silvas corner didnt see that weakness and aim for it entirely. Browns stomach was rather weak last night. But won and I was paid (well not yet, damn sites take forever to process wins).

    • Silva seems the better talent but he has one big problem that makes everything after R1 seem uninspiring…. His gas tank needs a hole repaired! He was looking really good until his fuel switched off. Cardio my friend is his only need right now.

  • That was a fun fight to watch but, i didn't see anything that made me believe Matt could handle the top of the division. His defense was pretty weak and while it's exciting to watch the lack of striking technique will get you ko'd by better fighters. It's great for is to let it all hang out but it shortens your career substantially. I must have missd the "technical" ground game, they seemed like average UFC guys to me. There is no one left fighting in the promotion who doesn't have some kind of ground. That being said brown showed amazing determination I just don't think taking taking that kind of abuse over and over is a good recipe for keeping your brains behind your punch. Look at diaz. A four year old could come up with a gameplan to beat that kind of fighter. The fight ended with both guys gas tank empty and punched out. Brown recovered enough to finish a guy that turned into a heavy bag at the end. I don't think he will beat top 5 fighters with that style. Just imagine him trying that approach to hector Lombard. I don't think he has a chance up past where he is now.

    • Yeah the top 5 will give him problems… he's lucky that the fight with condit didnt happen cause Condit will expose him in ways he can't imagine. This was a good fight for him. I hope he took notes and works on his cardio and defense in prep for a higher profile fight.

  • He done a job on Erick Silva, what more did you wanna see buddy?

    • Sure at the end. He was also dropped several times by a fighter who couldn't win a fight in the top ten. He was punched out because his cardio couldn't keep up with his production. He was in trouble several times and silva would be destroyed in the first round by any of the top 6 fighters in ww. He has the heart don't get me wrong. But he isn't going to walk through anyone else's punches he could fight next and if his pressure doesn't work I am afraid he doesn't have the technique or gameplanning to overcome the rest of the fighters he may face. It was pretty sloppy actually. Lombard will ko him if he fights like that.

      • Silva gassed out before the end of the first round, Matt was absolutely fine throughout.

        • Really? Because I noticed a punched out Matt brown throwing some weak ground punches. Silva was totally gassed out so it would only take a few hard shots to end it. Instead it went another round. Hey it was a great fight. Just saying one power shot by Lombard to the body and a few follow ups will end Matt browns title run. Hector is a better boxer, an Olympic judoka, and huge for 170. No way will it be a War for five rounds. Brown could def out last Lombard but not banging away like he just did. He will need much much much better footwork and fight like Condit diaz.

          • In all honesty, Matt's cardio is not so bad. Those body shots will take the gasss out of you! He took some vicious body shots, which will disrupt your breathing immensely, resulting in fatigue early on.

            I agree though, Lombard would smash him. He needs to start fighting a little smarter.

            As for Silva, in my opinion it's time for him to move to another camp. Blackzillians, AKA or even ATT would be great for him.
            His hit or miss results reflect on his preperation. Silva has the tools and the athletic ability to be great. He just needs a better team suited to HIS personal needs, to nurture his talent.

          • Definetely agree. But, you have to be smart enough to not put yourself in that kind of danger when you climb the ladder. You also need the tools/footwork to adapt if you need to. Condit is the perfect example. He made the champ look bad when he fought Hendricks. I thought he even won that fight. He adapts well to what's going on. If you get hit hard to the body you may want to get on your horse until you recover instead of keep coming forward.

  • The guy has just won seven straight in the toughest decision in the UFC! Nearly all of those have been knockouts against tough guys.
    His style of fighting is basically gritty and determined, he`s said it himself- he`s a technical brawler.
    In a few of his wins now we have seen him be hurt early on then comeback and destroy the guy, thats his style.
    Don`t get me wrong Lombard is obv a tough fight for him, but Lombard would not like a five round war with this guy.
    Lombard I think is weak mentally and would gas out in a five round fight, Matt would do a job on him.

    • In fantasy land.

    • Yes, he "says" he's a technical brawler, but when i was looking for the technique last night, none was there to be found.

      Did he have some nice combinations? Sure.. Is he a beast in the cage? No doubt,
      but in the technical department he's lacking.

      Technical fighters DO NOT TAKE DAMAGE LIKE THAT! When you talk about good technique, you talk about a perfect balance between offense and defense. Matt's defense took a leave of absence last night.

      I'm not complaining though! I was thoroughly entertained!!

      Oh and by the way, Matt will never beat Lombard, don't be silly 🙂

      • Nice post agree totally with everything you said.

  • Aside from the first 3 minutes this was a one sided beating how is that an instant classic. Congrats to matt brown but my take away is he isnt ready for the top 5. He could have put Erik Silva away in the first on the ground but he was so hell bent on getting a T(KO) that he compromised himself for 2 more rounds to do it. He fights stupid like that against Lombard its gonna be a short night. Also how many times in his career has he been hurt with body shots!? Matt brown is an animal but hes got WORK TO DO.

  • Well if Matt was gassing last night then it was`nt something I noticed and as both of you have mentioned it perhaps I missed it.
    All I`m saying is Matt fought well last night and beat a guy who I think is a top prospect.
    He is an animal and yes he probably does have work to do, but I really do think that is part of his style and he is fully prepared to take a few to give a few.
    I don`t really wanna see him go against Lombard in his next fight because Lombard does look pretty good at the moment. I wanted to see Lombard against Rory if I`m honest.
    Put it this way, I would`nt sleep on Brown at the moment.

    • I get that. But his technique or lack of will be easily stifled with better technique or a better game plan. Rory will grind out a decision with a better game plan. Matt has the heart and toughness to be an outstanding fighter. But can you see him winning exchanges with lawler or Condit or Hendricks? Hector has always looked good. The guy is an Olympian. He can cut a serious amount of weight where as Matt looks like he doesn't cut any. The guy has the body of a heavyweight in a division where people cut a lot of weight. That is good for him later in the rounds maybe but getting over a huge Lombard or Hendricks with great technique will be tough. He has a few solid wins now against pretty tough guys. But the top gets elite fast. To me his striking is just not there yet, he can't out wrestle anyone left either so he has some serious redesigning to do. Not saying he can't because he has the two things you can't teach. Heart and determination.

      • Tbh I think Brown is one of the bigger Welterweights at the moment, he looks to be a good six two and he does looks deceptively strong.
        Just re-watched the fight and I was right about Silva gassing early, within the first three minutes.
        I did`nt really think Brown gassed at all, he looked fine between rounds, fine at the end of the fight and he never really slowed up or stopped coming forward for that matter. There was a couple of times when his punches looked a little laboured and a time when they both sort of fell over each other on the floor but that you could put down to his awkwardness/ poor technique. Its like I said though he was throwing a lot into finishing an injured opponent for nearly ten minutes, its quite easy to go for the finish and forget about breathing/blowing your wad in a situation like that.
        So that coupled with the body shots he had taken and nearly a year out I would`nt really question his cardio.
        Now Silva on the other hand you could see was tired, not the fact he was breathing hard, it was how he was moving and throwing his shots, you could see it a mile off.
        Part of me now wants to see Lombard/Brown now to see how it goes down, it`ll be a fun fight however it goes down and should garner a lot of interest- but if I had to bet my last ten dollars on it I would go with Brown.

        • Not only that movescamp, those weak ground punches are what finished the fight, they could`nt have been all that bad.

        • I agree with your analysis for the most part. There are a few things though I just think aren't accurate. When a fighter is as gassed and out of shape as silva and you take ten minutes to finish him something is off. When you are gasping for air like silva you could prob slap him repeatedly and he would give in.
          If Matt simply got up made him get up repeatedly the second round would have been it if he still had all his strength.

          It's not that he gassed its that he was to flustered to be smart. That will be a problem with the next group of fighters. Especially someone with a wicked ground game and decent footwork.

          He could win his next round of fights I certainly have no authority on the matter but I see some pretty big holes that smarter, better technical, and better conditioned fighters will exploit.

          He could also be so determined he gets the right training and works hard to elevate his octagon iq and technique.

          • I see what your saying pal, we both got valid points I think.
            Now all we need is Brown and Lombard to hurry up so we can see how they fair. From the sounds of things I think thats the fight they will put together.

  • Silva and brown showed lots of heart but Silva could have finished in the first if he kept kicking the body instead of gasing himself out going for the sub.