UFC 167 Fox Prelims Play By Play And Results


Join us here at LowKick.com for the live play by play results and commentary of UFC 167’s Fox Sports prelims. Featuring fighters are Edwin Figueroa, Donald Cerrone, Evan Dunham, Ed Herman, Erick Perez, Rick Story, Thales Lietes and many more.

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UFC 167 is in full swing, as we move on to the Fox Sports section of the evening’s stacked event. First up we’ve got a Bantamweight scrap between Erik Perez and Edwin Figueroa.

Round one: Perez comes out moving well, lands a kick but Edwin counters with fists. They tangle and trade and oops that’s a nasty low kick to the nuts from Perez. Fig takes a moment and they go again, Edwin jabs, Perez weaves side to side. Nice right to the chin from Perez and a leg kick, he shoots and sinks in a double. Fig stands quickly but Perez has his back, they separate and WOW Perez drops Edwin a front kick to the chest. They trade punches again but Perez is starting to connect now. Perez with a takedown and he lands in half guard looking to pass, Figueroa is game but Perez is smothering him here. Elbows from half guard from Perez as he steals round one 10-9

Round two: Perez moves very well and is peppering Edwin with kicks to the body early on, and a big overhand right followed by a big double leg, he slams E-Fig to the mat then takes the back. Perez looking dominant here, nasty elbows from the back and Perez will not let him up. Huge knees to the body now as E-Fig stands and they separate. They trade and Perez clips the chin with a left now he spins on a single as Fig tries a choke, no good. Nasty elbows again by Perez in the guard, the round ends after referee Kim Winslow decides to stand them up, even though Perez is looking to pass from half to side control. 10-9 Perez

Round three:E-Fig comes out jabbing, better from him but Perez is very agile on his feet. Clubbing hooks by Perez and a head kick by Fig. Another front kick by Perez and he wings a crazy head kick. Left to the gut by Perez followed by another great TD. Perez in half guard again going to the body of E-Fig. Perez just smothering Edwin here, it is a shut out when they go to the mat. Side control now for Perez and now north-south. They stand again but Perez lands another takedown, E-Fig is still game but he needs a last minute KO/Sub. Perez clips him with a vicious right hand in the exchange, and another. The buzzer goes and I’d say it’s a Perez win for sure. Perez takes home the decision win

Now it’s time for Brian Ebersole and Rick Story to battle it out at Welterweight.

Round one: What the hell is that on Ebersole’s chest? Holy crap Story is a powerhouse at 170 he is clubbing away with hooks to the head, great boxing. BE can take it though, as he eats a big left. Low kicks by Story who is looking good here, BE faints but it looks half hearted to be honest. Brian shoots now and is stuffed and narrowly avoids a meaty left hook. Leg punch by BE and he lands a good jab, but Story’s low kicks are hurting him now. More big hooks on the inside by Story, he is looking for a KO. Rounds ends with Story swinging like a nutter, 10-9 for him.

Round two: Much of the same as Story stalks his prey, but BE is landing some good straight shots now. Good jabs by the taller man, but Story is catching him with hooks. Both guys landing a lot cleaner now, straight shots from BE, who is looking for a takedown too. He holds on to a single against the cage but Story turns him, and now Story gets dropped but he is right back up. Very close round

Round three: They touch gloves and go again, body shots by Story and he rocks Ebersole who goes down, he is up again, maybe it was a slip. Story clubbing away but BE is tough and counters with straight punches. More low kicks by Story who has been more active all night. He wings punches at BE, who moves well, but offers little in the way of offence. Now he fires back with four good punches but he takes three big shots. A low kick and BE is down, his leg is giving out! Oh a nasty elbow on the break from BE, but Story is a brick, Story with a takedown now and he finishes the round on top. 10-9 Story, and I’d give him the fight. Story takes the decision

Next up is a Middleweight tilt between Ed Herman and Thales Leites.

Round one: They come out fists flying, Leites takes Herman down. They scramble and Ed lands some upkicks. Leites in half guard now and he looks for a keylock. Great head control by the Brazilian and he is smothering Herman. Knee to the belly by Leites who is dominating the early goings, they scramble and Herman is up. Leites has his foe against the cage and now down again. Leites is like a boa constrictor as he takes Herman’s back and works for a RNC. The round ends with Herman having absolutely no answer. 10-9 TL

Round two: Leites with a nice hook but Herman answers well with a right, now TL shoots but Herman stuffs. A lot of cage grinding now as they jockey for position, and Leites lands another takedown and immediately take sthe back of Herman. Now in to gueard for TL, now half guard and looks for a head-arm choke. Side control with left hooks and now Leites takes his back again. Leites rolls so well as Herman bucks, now he lands in half guard again. Herman is getting shut out here. 10-9 Leites

Round three: It turns in to a bit of a slugfest now, both guys showing improved stand up skills, but Leites soon clinches and looks to score a takedown. Herman avoids and they split, Herman stalking Leites across the cage, nice dirty boxing from Herman but Leites has a body lock now. Another good takedown for Leites and he is in half guard once again. Herman is losing this fight quite badly as Leites takes the back again, Herman looks done as the buzzer goes. A clear win for Leites.

Next up is the final bout on the Fox Sports prelims section of 167, as we see Donald Cerrone go up against Evan Dunham in a Lightweight attraction.

Round one: Cerrone looks focused, Dunham shoots but gets stuffed. Cowboy with leg kicks, Dunham counters with a 1-2. OH! Dunham is rocked, he is down and Cerrone is winging punches and elbows.  Dunham is cut now as DC moves to half guard, they scramble and Dunham gets caught in an omaplata, but rolls out well. They stand and Dunham pushes Cowboy against the cage. Two nasty knees to the head rock ED, Cerrone is vicious with low kicks and a straight right. Cowboy is looking mean tonight and it shows on Dunham’s face. Nice jabs by DC, but he eats a big left hand by Dunham. Round ends 10-9 Cerrone

Round two: Cerrone stalks Dunham with hard leg kicks and jabs, Dunham looks to counter with a straight left. Cerrone’s jabs are pin point, like a rocket in speed. Dunham can really take a shot man, but he is cut quite bad over they left eye now. More straight shots from DC but ED lands an uppercut on the counter. Cerrone looking smooth on the feet and he lands a brutal knee to the bread basket, just as ED shoots. Cerrone reverses and lands in side control, now half guard and now he locks up a triangle from his back. Wow Cerrone looks like a killer as he taps out Evan Dunham in round two. Donald Cerrone defeats Evan Dunham by triangle choke in round two, and he looked like the Cowboy of old tonight.

  • @rory…is anyone covering the main card fights or just the prelims?

    • in play by play format?

      • @Rory…just wondering whether you are going to continue the updates like you have been above for the main card?

        Good updates by the way because I can't catch the fight.

        • @enjoy you are welcome dude, no Mike and Busta are coveruing the main card this evening. but they will have the results up as soon as the card finishes!

          • Thanks Rory….Went fishing all last night and am exhausted (no sleep) otherwise I'd be at the bar catching the fights like usual….

          • ''fishing'' huh? lol

          • I know, MMA comes first place everytime for me ! Stayed out way too late in windy conditions. I only go fishing to get my mind off MMA for a moment…! lol

  • I wonder if Ed Herman will get released from the promotion?

  • Koccheck got Ko'd and Lawler won decison to McD*ckhead.

    • Just caught it entity…! Koscheck really got hurt bad. McDonald has just taken a slippery slide ride down the UFC ladder.

  • F*ck these judges….!!! Hendricks beat GSP and that's the end of it….