UFC 163 Results Recap: Jose Aldo Defends Belt After The Korean Zombie Separates Shoulder


UFC 163 is in the books from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has retained his belt. The first round was all Aldo, who landed some crisp punches against an uncharacteristically shy Zombie. Jung came out more aggressive to start the second, but Aldo’s sharp boxing, coupled with a late takedown, quickly stifled his offense. Aldo turned a flying knee attempt into a double leg, but the round saw two restarts from herb Dean. Jung finally came alive towards the end of the round, landing some good shots. Unfortunately, The Korean Zombie appeared to separate his shoulder early in the fourth round, allowing Aldo to open up for the TKO finish.

Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis locked horns in a pivotal light heavyweight tilt. The bout started off, not surprisingly, with a feeling-out process. Machida landed a good high kick and settled into a nice flurry of punches, dropping Davis. “Mr. Wonderful” recovered well, taking down Machida and ending the close first round on top. The second round began tentatively, with both fighters barely missing with strikes. Davis landed an overhand right and Machida, a good straight left. The round ended with Davis scoring another takedown against the fence and following with some good knees. Machida shucked off takedown after takedown in the third round, landing a hard knee in the process. A close bout, but ultimately Phil Davis took home the unanimous decision in a controversial decision.

Cezar Ferreira met late replacement Thiago Santos at middleweight, and it was not to last long. The TUF: Brazil winner Ferreira rocked Santos immediately with a hard left hand, immediately following with a rolling guillotine choke to earn the tap. A highly impressive performance from the Vitor Belfort-mentored Ferreira.

Tom “Kong” Watson faced off with former title challenger Thales Leites at middleweight. The BJJ whiz Leites went to the ground early, taking Watson’s back with ease to land some good punches. Watson eventually got back up to his feet, but Leites got him back down in the second. Mounting Watson, he transitioned to an awkward armbar that never materialized. Watson fought back towards the end of the second. Leites opened Watson up with a punch at the outset of the last round, then scored a nice takedown, dominating Watson on the ground to earn the clear-cut unanimous decision victory.

John Lineker failed to make weight in his bout vs. Jose Maria Tome, and almost lost the fight in the first round when he got rocked by a big right hand from Maria. Maria followed up with a guillotine attempt,  but couldn’t complete the submission. Lineker began to come back at the end of the first. The second round saw a different scenario unfold, as Lineker came back to land a huge left hand to the body and finish the fight via TKO son thereafter.

UFC 163 Main Card Results:

UFC featherweight championship: Jose Aldo def. Chan Sung Jung via R4 TKO (ref stoppage)

Phil Davis def. Lyoto Machida via unanimous decision

Cezar Ferreira def. Thiago Santos via R1 submission (guillotine choke)

Thales Leites def. Tom Watson via unanimous decision

John Lineker def. Jose Maria Tome via R2 TKO (strikes)

Lowkick Fight Night Awards:

Performance of the Night: Jose Aldo earns the nod here for his neutralizing performance against a tough challenger in Chan Sung Jung.

Finish of the Night: Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira earns the nod here with his shockingly quick submission of Thiago Santos.

Upset of the Night: The award here can’t really go to anyone other than Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis for his controversial but huge win over former 205 lb. champ Lyoto Machida. 

Outer Photo: Gary A. Vasquez, USA Today Sports Images

  • Aldo was very boring this fight.
    What happened to the explosive guy we used to see?…

  • I think that 'somewhat controversial' is an understatement. Machida landed tons of strikes, most of them, though they didn't hurt Davis, were significant. All of Phil's strikes were blocked, and he really only had Machida down for about 25 seconds in which time he did nothing. Bs decision in my opinion which will really hurt Machida's position. As far as Aldo goes, Zombie looked tentative and ineffective and I really think Pettis would have been a serious threat to Aldo had he not been injured

    • also, Lyoto stuffed multiple takedown attempts which really should count for something

      • I agree, i usually score takedowns 5 to 1 verse sig strikes. So usually the takedown is enough to win close rounds. However, when a wrestler faces a striker and the wrestler fails to take the striker down all round. I count ring control to the striker.

        Because the striker got to keep the fight where he wants it. In that case. Wonderful failed to win it in my books.

        2-1 I could see… 30-27?! WOW!

        • forgive me if im wrong, but I am certain I heard 'all three judges score it 29-28'? Then again I don't know much when it comes to scoring numbers

          • i heard a 30-27… but ill double check it.

    • It might just be my bias eye, but I saw plenty of Phil's strikes not being blocked, and ground&pound from Phil that did more damage in the 25 seconds he had Machida down than either of them could do to each other during most of the stand up. I also saw Machida not being able to get out from underneath Phil while he was getting beat up on. I think the biggest shame in that fight, was that Phil was only able to take Machida down late into the rounds. That is Phil's fault of course, so I'm not saying the time on the ground should be worth more than what it was.

      Regardless of who won, I thought the entire fight was extremely interesting. Both Davis and Machida are STILL making improvements as fighters, and it's awesome to witness. I enjoyed the hell out of this event, even without Rogan.

  • Card was alright, marred by a few unfortunate decisions including an injury and judges forgetting how to score.

    Poor Zombie, he was doing well even though losing and goes out in one of the worst ways you can.
    Aldo underperformed in my opinion, from how the fight was fought he should have been able to pick Jung apart with ease… but apparently Aldo said he felt something happen to his foot on the first kick so perhaps he got injured as well.

    As for the Upset of the Night… I disagree. I think Anthony Perosh being a huge underdog and winning via his weakest dimensions 14 seconds is more of an upset than what happened in the co-main, which I couldn't really call an upset since it was just the judges being disgustingly terrible at their jobs once again.
    Some blame towards Machida though, looked like he could have landed much more if he only threw it.

    • I agree, Aldo should have attacked more, seeing as Jung stood right in front of him. It almost seemed as if Zombie got spooked and forgot his game plan because he did not push the pace or attack wildly like he usually does.

      I really can't blame Machida for not throwing more strikes, when he was clearly winning the fight and should have won an easy decision. It's ridiculous that two measly takedowns won Davis the fight.

  • I hate to see fighters lose due to injuries. I feel really bad for the Korean Zombie, although he was way behind on the scorecard. That being said, It was a great win for the champ nonetheless. Congrats, champ!

    As for Machida/Davis, well, it's safe to say that some of those MMA judges are either blind, stupid or delusional. Machida, in my opinion, was flagrantly robbed in Brazil, shameful.

  • My two questions are:
    – Do you think Aldo would have beaten Pettis with his performance tonight?
    – Do you think Aldo did extra damage to the injured shoulder with those kicks and was that unsportsmanlike? (Going directly for the injury). Not sure what I think but I guess you do whatever you can to win when your in there.

    • 1. I think Pettis would've SMASHED Aldo… i just think that's a bad matchup for Aldo.
      2. Nope, its not unsportsmanlike… you're there to fight and win. Zombie has the option to tap out if he's injured. If he chooses to keep fighting, it's fair play. It's a fight!

      • Maybe he would have used a different strategy for Pettis. Have you thought about that?

        • What gameplan would that be? run?… lol
          In all seriousness.. i have thought about that
          and i just can't think of a scenario other than
          a lucky punch or kick that would make Aldo win.
          I just think Pettis has better (more diverse) striking
          that on top of his cardio would give aldo problems
          especially past rnd 2.

          • I'm a big Aldo fan though don't get me wrong… i just think Pettis would be a horrible matchup for him for many reasons.

          • Yea, Barring a horrible weight cut from Pettis taking all his cardio he would have won in the later rounds. I think he could have even finished. Aldo's striking has gotten easier to gameplan for lately. He's not nearly as active. I think the weight cut has to be the problem for him. Don't get me wrong he's still a monster and 1 of my favorites. Pettis' cardio and strength is the reason I give him the nod.

    • I think Jose is still on another level than Pettis, and would have adjusted as needed, but I guess we won't know until we see the fight, I could be completely wrong……..time will tell.

    • I really wish that we could have seen Aldo vs Pettis. I think with Aldo's performance today, Pettis would have done well in the stand up and it did surprise me that Aldo kicked at a separated shoulder

  • Great card overall but the Machida/Davis fight ruined the whole f*cking night… wtf is wrong with mma judging? seriously.. that was one of the WORST dc's of the year. There is no f*cking way Davis won that fight. As matter of fact i'd argue about him winning a round period! 2 takedowns… 1 ZERO damage.. second threw a few elbows that got blocked and landed 2 p*ssy knee's. It's a f*cking joke! Machida was landing powershots alllllll nighttt longgg… stuffed most takedowns beautifully… this was some Bullsh*t!

  • I agree with the decision, although I don't like it. I think that if no fighter does any damage to the other (despite the number of "lands"), then the fight should be scored like a grappling fight, and the winner should be whomever had more significant "control" over the other, as Phil Davis showed, even if it was for a short while. It really is Lyoto's fault for not being more aggressive and for sitting back, he does this every fight. Phil didn't look great, but he had good composure, and didn't look very threatened during the fight (as Lyoto did not look threatened as well.)

    • If no fighter does any damage to the other?
      I saw Machida hit Phil with a headkick (which looked like it was blocked) that visibly wobbled him in the 1st round, and a hard left hand which stunned him in the 2nd. Machida was also stringing his strikes together more effectively. He definitely wasn't "landing powershots all night long" like some might say, though. The striking was close, but clear, and it was in favor of Machida.

  • I dont think Aldo was thinking, hey im going to end his career in the middle of a fist fight. Your acting and reacting. And attacking an injury or opening is a natural reaction in a fight.

    If Aldo did hurt his foot, i doubt he could beat Petitis. But we may find out. Aldo said he got in his contract if he wins, he goes and fights at 155. I want to see the post fight.

    Aldo is too big for FW, thats a brutal cut for a guy who's 5'9" at not in his early 20's anymore. 155 would allow aldo to come into fights not as depleted again. lets see if Aldo moves up and we get to see a LW and FW super fight.

  • gm1

    I have no love for either Davis or Machida of anyone else that not goi g out there to win decisively. If you lose by an upset decision, you deserve it.. Dont leave it to the judges Dana always says. You need to put it on the line so do blame the judges.

    I dont matter anyhow, neither of these two will ever be able to beat Bones.

  • Aldo is a fight or two away from finally losing. The competition is getting better.

  • A shame about the Korean Zombie. I thought he was starting to light Aldo up, might have won the 3rd round, which could have made for an interesting finish.

    • I agree I think Korean Zombie was starting to win, and picking Aldo a part.

  • Was rooting for the Korean Zombie to win, the guy has great heart, but congrats to Jose Aldo for another succesful title defense.

  • Korean Zombie was picking up the pace in 4th….That shoulder seperation just killed the atmosphere….Hope he gets a rematch