UFC Exec: Jon Jones May Not Have Intentionally Used Steroids


After going on three full years of drug and alcohol-related trouble limiting him to just two total fights, disgraced former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently facing what could be his biggest punishment.

In need of a big star to root for, the majority of the MMA world welcomed Jones back with open arms in his umpteenth comeback fight against Daniel Cormier in the main event of last July’s UFC 214, a fight “Bones” was returning from a yearlong suspension for testing positive for two banned substances prior to his previously scheduled rematch with Cormier at UFC 200 in July 2016.

Jones said all the right things, behaved himself for the most part, and then, most importantly, he beat his most accomplished and heated rival with a third-round head kick of epic proportions. UFC 214 was one of the UFC’s few scarce box office successes in terms of pay-per-view throughout 2017, but the MMA world was then somehow shocked and not surprised at all when Jones failed an in-competition test for anabolic steroid Turinabol.

Jones’ has since claimed the tainted supplement defense, a go-to response that has actually gotten a few fighters reduced suspensions under USADA’s tenure, but it’s also a kind of fool-me-once type of deal with many fans after Jones’ now-infamous ‘dick pills’ excuse for his UFC 200 failure – an incident for which he received the maximum punishment for a first-time offender under their program. Jones could face up to a four-year suspension, yet somehow, there seem to be some slight cracks opening for the embattled would-be UFC legend to make yet another comeback.

Any possibility of Jones coming back, according to UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky on a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast (via MMA Mania), could rest on the fact that any top athlete who was knowingly tested probably would not intentionally use Turinabol as a means of getting a leg up on their opponent:

“I’ve said this awhile now, it would not make a lot of sense for an individual, a UFC athlete who knew, especially a champion or contender like Jon Jones, who knew ‘Hey, I’m tested quite regularly in the program,’ would not make a lot of sense that (Turinabol) would be your drug of choice if you were intentionally trying to cheat.

“USADA did another test on Jon after his positive test and he was negative. Who knows where it plays out, but certainly on the surface of things, I have said, with that type of information out there, it wouldn’t indicate intentional use.”

Indeed the timing and selection of performance-enhancing drug are both odd, especially considering that Jones was tested the day before the fight at the weigh-ins and would have known that was coming.

With more supplements turning up with banned substances in them based on the strict USADA guidelines, it could be possible that Jones somehow ingested Turinabol this way, yet it’s also tough to believe any excuse he makes after his list of transgressions has grown so long it’s hard to keep track of.

It should seem to be another ‘wait and see’ type of proposition for Jones and his fans; however, if any UFC competitor can buck the odds and come back for another high-profile fight, it would probably be Jones.

If the UFC welcomes him back or not would be another question, but with so few bankable stars on the roster, they just may.

  • OneFootFriendly

    UFC-img willing to do or say any ridiculous excuse to get some sort of sports celebrity type back in the cage who they can market hollywood style?

    Who thinks up these brilliant master plans?

    Is UFC-img owned by disney yet?
    Its only a matter of time if it isn’t.

    • Drago

      So your saying that Jeff Novitzky, the guy who brought down Lance Armstrong and other MAJOR athletes, would now conjure up excuses so save a “regional” celebrity…? Im a fan of a good conspiracy but yours doesn’t make that much sense to me.

      • deepgrim

        They did let brock fight at ufc 200 even though he failed tests well in advance and then announced the fails after the fights. Its hard to believe usada werent under pressure ahead of the sale to keep the price high, considering the reason usada were employed by the ufc was to make the company look reputable for the big sale.
        It would be so hard to believe that there could be corruption in sport eh, that would be the first time that ever happened.
        Why would he even be issuing his “personal opinion” ahead of a case, who is that meant to sway?

  • Winged Lion

    Does anything Jones does make sense? Seriously.

    • Draven

      making cormier cry a second time?

      • Winged Lion

        Jones is like a modern Mike Tyson- hellbent on his own self-destruction while teaching kids what a champion doesn’t ISN’T made of. I’d rather see DC cry and lose honestly any day of the week.

        • Draven

          Too bad there’s no place for crying after a loss in this sport. It was good to see Jones humble DC after all the shit talk.

          • Winged Lion

            I disagree- there’s nothing wrong with crying if you put your heart and soul into something and you have a setback- especially when someone cheated, yet again.

          • Draven

            MMA is a masculine sport. The only time it’s ok cry is when one wins the title. If a fighter wants to cry, they need to keep their emotions in check and hold it in until they get back to the dressing/locker room.

          • Winged Lion

            As an attorney, I find it interesting that you’re focused on the crying (which isn’t illegal or immoral) and fail to address the repeated cheating. I’ll update my casebooks with your new civil codes.

          • Draven

            I find it funny how u can find crying acceptable after one has just got their butt whooped with many watching. A fight is a fight. Somebody wins and somebody has gotta lose.

          • Winged Lion

            A fight is a fight when it’s a fair fight. Shame he had to cheat in order to call himself a winner, ha ha.

          • Draven

            He didn’t cheat to beat him and make him cry the first time. The second was the icing on the cake when he made DC cry again.

          • Winged Lion

            You’re very naive, it’s adorable.

          • Draven

            At least I’m being honest, whereas you’re in denial who supports a crybaby loser.

          • Winged Lion

            What is your educational background? I’m guessing you’re black, right?

          • Draven

            Haha, seriously is that all you’ve got now I’ve exposed you?!? C’mon you can do better and conjure up a better response.

          • Winged Lion

            It took you 40 minutes to respond. You’ve been found guilty via default judgement. Deputy, take the prisoner to his cell where he will await his sentencing, lol. I’m sure you’ve heard those words before, right? The fact that you didn’t answer either question answered them for me. “Cya bro!”

          • Draven

            40 mins is nothing. You took two days to finally get back to me. You’ve been exposed as a fake. You’re questions aren’t relevant or deemed worthy to answer.

            You lose sucker, it’s people like you who are too soft these days. All talk and no balls.

          • Winged Lion

            It’s YOUR questions, not “you’re.” That means “you are.” You really need to get back to school and get that GED when you get released. Thank goodness people like you are so easy to spot. Take care!

          • Draven

            Yeah ok little boy, continue to stoop down to being a 5 year old level. It’s the internet, grammar don’t mean shit!

  • Wabbit

    UFC greasing the pole to allow their moneymaker to slide back in the octagon as soon as possible.