TUF Nations Finale Post Fight Media Scrum: Concussions, Ronda Rousey and Bisping-Kennedy


Ultimate Fighting Championship boss Dana White stopped by to talk with media after the show was finished, discussing TUF Nations finale, and a wide array of topics to boot. One such topic included Bisping vs. Kennedy, and the Baldfather has his own opinion on why ‘The Count’ was handled so thoroughly.

“Bisping wouldn’t throw any punches because he didn’t want to get taken down again, he didn’t realize how dominant (Kennedy) was going to be on the ground. It was the classic example of when a guy has great submissions and wrestling, it causes the other guy to clam up and not throw punches. Bisping got dominated, Kennedy shut him down.”

The result in the main event of the TUF Nations finale was unexpected by most, and Ranger Tim made a great impression by beating ‘The Count’ so convincingly. The future is bright for Kennedy at 185 pounds, but we are yet to see what’s next for Bisping. At this stage of his career, Bisping will need to put some serious thought in to his next move.

 The subject then turned to injuries from MMA competition, and more specifically concussion:

“It’s the new hot topic everywhere. It’s the same with football, in the U.S they were talking about little league football; can I tell my kids that they can’t do it? I wouldn’t do that, but concussions is a big deal. In football they say ‘wear your helmets’, ‘you’re going to be safe’, whatever; no one ever said getting punched in the face is good for you. The difference is, in combat sports, is I believe that some people are put on earth to fight.”

You could argue that some people were put here to play football, but is it worth dying for? We all enjoy watching these warriors battle in the cage, but the true repercussions of this sport on the athletes is yet to be seen. White continued:

“When you look at people like Ronda Rousey, when you know her like I do, she wants to fight. She wants to fight this summer, and she’ll probably want to fight again right after that. That’s the way Chuck Liddell was, and that’s the way a lot of these guys are. When a full grown man or woman wants to fight then you can’t stop them.”

White covered a whole range of hot topics, so check out the video courtesy of UFC.com on Youtube.