Stephan Bonnar gets past Igor Pokrajac by a clear Unanimous Decision


In a must win fight for both competitors, the pair enter the cage looking as intense as the other. For the Original Ultimate Fighter finalist, Bonnar is coming off a barn burner win over Krzysztof Soszynski at UFC 116, while Pokrajac looks to continue the momentum following his win over James Irvin. With both having very mixed records, a win is a must for each heading into their TUF 12 Finale bout.

Round 1

Pokrajac comes out swinging hard as Bonnar remains composed, and secures a takedown early. Taking his back, Bonnar works the over under hook as he tries to sweep, but both end up on their feet. The Duke looks comfortable on the feet as he swings, but bonnar drops back for a guillotine after stuffing a takedown. It looks tight, but he breaks out, as Bonnar takes top position. Bonnar drops elbows to the ribs as he looks for full mount. It ends with both fighters on the feet, but a 10-9 Bonnar

Round 2

Bonnar chrges out, feeling confident, as both fighters swing early, before clinching on the cage. Bonnar works some heavy knees, but drops for a takedown, which is stuffed by Pokrajac. The fight hits the mat, as Bonnar takes side control. Bonnar looks comfotable, as he controls the fight on the mat. Both stand as Prokajac swings for the fences, but eats some heavy knees and elbows in the clinch. Bonnar looks like he is in trouble, but shoots and controls the fight on the cage. Another 10-9 for Bonnar

Round 3

Prokajac has a point deducted during the break for illegal knees. Bonnar shoots early and gets him on the mat. The American Psycho lands some heavy G’N’P, Prokajac lands a cracker of an upkick, but Bonnar controls the fight on the floor, working his elbows. He takes half guard, dropping bombs trying to end the fight. Prokajac sweeps to get the top position, but it doesnt last, as Bonnar beats his opponent in the ribs from the top. The ref deducts a point from Bonnar with 3 seconds left for several accidental hammer fists to the back of the head. Another round for Bonnar, but 9-8 because of the deduction. Overall i have it 29-26 due to the point deduction, and the judges agree.

  • where do i go to get joe’s job? cause honestly he had to sit there and say that knees while your on the ground are okay? the reason those are not allowed in MMA in the first place is because they are deadly you gotta be a dumb ass to say that it should be okay to use knees from the ground

  • who cares….

  • Good for Steph.

  • Not as good of a fight as I thought it would be

  • You are not going to get more force that way then if you pull someones had down and smash their head with a knee at the same time.

  • your stupid. i forgot that people died in pride when they got kneed in the head. -__-

  • Bring back Pride’s rules!!!