Does Glover Teixeira Deserve A Title Shot With A Win Over Ryan Bader?


Ultimate Fight Night 28 is set for this Wednesday September 4th, taking place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event, headlined by Glover Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader, will mark the third UFC event in the space of seven days.

Teixeira has been promised a title shot with a win over Bader, according to UFC Executive Marshall Zelaznik:

“Dana [White] and Joe [Silva] have confirmed that with a strong victory by Glover, that he gets the winner of the Jon Jones fight,”

It is a hectic time for the 205lb. division, with Jones holding it hostage for so long now. Should Glover Teixeira really get the title shot with a win over Bader? Well, Bader has bounced back from his 2012 KO loss to Lyoto Machida by beating Vladdy Matyushenko by submission. He is 3-2 in his last five, his only losses coming to Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz and Lyoto Machida. Bader isn’t quite championship material yet, but he is a tough dude even for someone as seasoned as Teixeira.

I think that the truth is whomever Teixeira fights next; he is the logical title contender right now. Phil Davis is the only other person in the division right now who has a shout for that position. Alexander Gustafsson will face Jones next, Machida is the number two (coming off a loss to Davis), Davis sits at #4, Rashad at #5. From those top five, you can only make a logical argument for Davis or Teixeira.

Out of the two choices, Teixeira is by far the better candidate. Davis is coming off a bullshit razor tight decision win against Lyoto Machida, before that he beat Vinny Magalhaes and Wagner Prado. Prior to the Prado fight(s), Davis’ nine fight win streak was snapped by Rashad Evans. Davis needs another solid top 10 win before he can be considered for the shot, in my opinion at least.

This could all change, should Gustafsson beat Jones at UFC 165. Jones will likely seek an immediate rematch against Gustafsson, especially if it is a very close fight. What should happen then is a contender fight between Davis and GT, providing Teixeira is successful at UFN 28.

Teixeira will look to extend his win streak to 20 against Bader, who won TUF 8 and was unbeaten for his first four years as a pro. Now if Bader is able to beat Teixeira, he could find himself right in the mix at 205. Bader is right around the #11 mark in my books, but if he could beat Teixeira; he would rocket up that list.

All will become clear in the main event at UFN 28, so stay tuned to Lowkick! Cover photo courtesy of Getty Images.

  • Like you said Glover is already deserving of the title-shot, his upcoming fight is merely a hail-mary chance for Bader to get right back in line. The fact that Lyoto has basically been pushed out of this title contention line is still bothering me…
    Assuming you forgot to mention Teixeira as number 3, got to agree with your rankings as I personally don't see a real threat to Jones from anyone else then Glover and Machida.

    • D

      I actually think Bader may be a tough test for Texeira. He's by far the best wrestler Texeira has ever faced, and he has good enough boxing skills to set up his shots. If Texeira can't defend his takedowns, it's going to be a long night.

    • I agree, Machida or Glover are the only ones. Gus in my opinion will have no real advantage at anything other than hand speed but with his severe reach disadvantage to Jones it will likely mean nothing and Jones will have his way. Machida is also at an even bigger reach disadvantage but he is far more skilled than anyone else at 205 in the striking dept.

  • The fight against Gustafsson might even be 50/50 standing but Jones will take him down and give their elbows! Davis can win 10 fights that will not win the title shot… Glover has a chin kinda iffy, so I think Jones win for knockout, the one that I think can beat Jones, would be Lyoto with his good takedown defense and his karate!!

  • D

    Texeira is in a similar situation to Matt Brown. He's on an impressive win streak, but has yet to face a top 10 opponent. Rampage is the biggest name on his record, but he had already fallen out of the top 10 by the time they fought. Likewise, Bader has fallen out of the top 10 at the moment. As impressive as Texeira's win streak and finishing rate has been, I don't see how you can rank him #3 when he's never fought a top 10 opponent, and everyone else in the top 10 has a win over another member of the top 10 (except Gegard Mousasi at #8).

    That said, he is #3 at a time when the rest of the top 5 have all fought and lost decisively to the champ, with the exception of Alexander Gustaffson, who will get the shot next. Based on the rankings, he is next in line.

    On the other hand, I don't agree with his ranking. Based on his skills and athleticism, I think he probably is a top 3 fighter at 205, but he should still have to fight to prove it. I think he should have to fight at least one top 5 guy to earn his title shot.

    In the end, he won't have to though. Right or wrong, he's ranked above anyone else you could make an argument for, and Jones already wants to fight him. He's almost certain to get the next shot should he beat Bader.

    • I see where you're coming from but his record is just that impressive. Dozing through opponents, even lower level ones, in the way that he's done it does prove something. Just to put it out there : 21-2, 18 out of those 21 wins are finishes and his last loss was a decision L in his fourth fight.

  • he should have already received title shot. he waited too long in my opinion.

  • Brother….he deserves it even with a loss to Ryan Bader.

  • I'd prefer to see Glover fight Machida before Jones but I wouldn't argue with the UFC if he gets the shot.