Rousimar Palhares and Joey Beltran test positive for PEDs at UFC on FX 6


Two fighters have failed their UFC drug tests at the TUF: The Smashes Finale and will face suspensions. Rousimar Palhares and Joey Beltran will be on the shelf for nine months apiece, as Palhares showed up with elevated testosterone and Beltran tested positive for nandrolone. UFC officials released the news late Thursday with a statement from Marc Ratner, the vice president of regulatory affairs:

“The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. Both athletes have agreed to serve a nine-month suspension retroactive to Dec. 14. They must pass a drug test upon completion of the suspension before receiving clearance to compete again.”

Hector Lombard knocked out Palhares in impressive fashion at the Dec. 14th affair, and while that result will obviously stay in place,  Beltran’s unanimous decision victory over Igor Pokrajac will not. It is important to note that the UFC acted as the regulatory board in this specific situation, as there no athletic board set to commission the testing at the Gold Coast based event.

The suspensions come at a time that adds insult to injury, as Palhares is now on a two fight-losing streak, having been knocked out by both Alan Belcher and then Lombard. He will go back to the drawing board with some time to think. Beltran, on the other hand, has had his first UFC win in four bouts erased, and his future with the promotion remains in question as of right now.

Once again, PEDs have reared their ugly head upon MMA, With so many fighters proclaiming outlandishly high numbers of fighters using the drugs, it may be beginning to become a matter of being caught or not. Regardless, Palhares and Beltran got caught and are set to pay the price. 

  • Beltran is claiming he took natural supplements and didn't read in it enough to realise there was a anabolic steroid in it.

    I'm not going to comment on whether I think its true or not all I'm going to say is YOU AR A PROFESSIONAL, START ACTING LIKE ONE.

    It's embarassing that guys who are in the best and most prolific fighting organisation on planet Earth are either cheating or making stupid mistakes like this.

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    • The UFC should have it's own physician who is required to approve everything a fighter ingests, in the way of supplements. Perhaps even have an approved list of supplements. I think The UFC should be providing very specific guidance on this issue and I'm left with the impression that they are not.

      • That is a way to do it but I think it would be almost impossible for the UFC to hire a doctor or numerous doctors to watch the diet of +400 men. I
        t would be much easier if all the fighters took responsibility and double checked what they're putting in to their body.

        It's not hard to look on the back of the bottle, check google or ask their doctor.

        I'm only 19 and have no responsibility whatsoever to be careful of what I put in my body yet I do it, so why don't these guys who have thousand dollar contracts do it?

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          Only 19? You're a sharp young man.

          • Keith may only be 19, but he's a very mature and wise 19. He come across more like a character on "men of a certain age". LOL!

        • @ Keith

          A doctor wouldn't be approving diet. Only dispensing an opinion on whether or not the use of a supplement was OK'd by The UFC. And handling 400 guys would not be that big a deal. They wouldn't all be calling at the same time and again, this is only about letting the promotion know, what you're taking and whether or not it's okay. It would be money and time well spent.

          And it terms of what's easier, easy doesn't seem to be getting the job done. They are already responsible and I'm sure they already double-check, yet still, things slip through the cracks and some fighters still try and intentionally cheat.

          And in terms of Google, doctors and all that, it still doesn't help, because they are not sanctioned by The UFC or a commission and we can have differing opinions or information. This was basically the argument put forth by Overeem, in pleading his case before the commission after he tested positive for PEDs'….it wasn't me, it was my doctor's fault, he gave me bad advice. That's a pretty weak argument coming from a professional fighter of his caliber. And I say that as a fan. Had The UFC had a doctor in place, one quick call and he would have been told "no". Just one guy, who, on behalf of The UFC, could say yes or no and this problem would go away. At least for those fighters who are not seriously trying to cheat, but rather and perhaps, trying to gain as much advantage as they can or even test the envelope. Just someone who could tell them, from the POV of the organization, no or yes, on a supplement or doctor prescribed "therapies".

          Just one guy, Keith. A choke point, if you will. A "buck stops here", kind of position.

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            Ok, I now realize an argument with MMA Truth cannot be won.

          • @Zip @Truth haha thanks, lame plug coming but I do feel I am a lot more mature than people my age and I owe a lot of that to listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast.
            A lot of it is silliness (which is why I mainly listen) but some real good views on life and how to approach it.

            After listening to Rogan and others I have a pretty good diet (eat Kale and other greens regulary, take 5 different health supplements daily and other good things).


          • @ Keith

            You're our own little Yoda.

            What I like about Rogan, is that he's prepared to listen to reason and question. Through reason he's changed his opinions on a number of things and for the better. He likes details. And that's where the devil is.

          • @Truth that makes a lot of sense. They used to do that in American Football (not sure if Pros or Collegiate) where they had a hotline number where you could phone up to see if you could take something or not.

            I know he tends to not take much advice form the media or us on how to run his business but would be good for someone to propose to Dana, if it already hasn't been.

        • @Keith ….exactly, fighters are all different, dudes are out there eating vegan diets, dudes like machida are out there drinking their own urine, alistair is eating horse meat, and roy nelson is working the counters at Burger King.

          Any fighter that gets caught with a banned steroid should get a minimum 2 year suspension..its Fuc-kin cheating. All this crap that i didn't know is as believable as Lance armstrong going natural.

    • I realllllly wish I knew where to buy the Natural Supps that contain Deca. I would stock up on quiet a few of those naturals and wrok the eff out….

    • Its just an excuse for when they get caught….

      • These are grown ass men. If they're using they're just hoping not to pop on that test based on cycling, dilution…whatever means they're using to beat the test. No sympathy here. They know what they're taking. No one is forcing / coercing anyone.

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          Exactly, they're all using, the game is not to get caught. We're at a point where you have to use because the other guy is and he has the advantage so I have to too. They know this, which is why the problem is so complicated and the solution is so avoided. It's time to identify the problem, tackle it and get rid of it. If it's not natural, it's not real.

    • these guys are tested a few times before a fight , so medical
      files would let them know what a fighters T levels are they should all
      be recorded not normal as a group but as a single fighter so there is no
      mine are higher then other fighters and we will know if its at a to high of level

    • Beltran is obviously lying. Two minutes of research will tell you that nandrolone is only available as intramuscular injections. You cannot injest it so there is no way he took it by accident. Maybe he didn't know deca was mixed with his testosterone shots lol that is the only way he took it by accident

  • I'm not surprised.

  • Well, at least these two won't make it to the top with or without cheating!
    So bye!
    I know a lot of fighters are using, but imo they should get banned for life if a fighter usses twice!

    • I'd say three times and yeah, you're toast.

      • As the great Joey Diaz once said, "Hit them where it hurts! Hit them in the pocket!".

        I say give them a 9 month ban and take and fine of say 25% of their normal pay for their first offense.

        Second offense make it an 18 month ban an 50%.

        Third time = GONE

        • @ Keith

          Props to the great Joey Diaz.

          I could live with that, but a 9 month ban for some fighters would simply be the lay off time between bouts and not much more. It should be at least a year. Two on a second offense. And the financial penalty should be a quartering of the value of their contracts, over three fights and halving of the contract over three fights, on a second offense.

          Third time = GONE

        • @ Keith….did you ever hear Joey Diaz tell his story of holding up gas stations? That was freaking funny. If you haven't you should try and find it. It's hilarious.

          • @Truth can't remember it actually but if it was on Rogan's podcast I will have, I've listened to every single one with Joey Diaz and Eddie Bravo in them

          • @Truth the best is the Lucy Snorebush story but I think that may not be suitable for Lowkick haha

  • Not exactly shocking, Beltram has never looked that fit in his career and Pali has always looked like he was on peds.

    • Beltran is really fit because he started a great new regimen that really cleaned up his diet. I believe him when he states he was unaware, but still not an excuse.

      Get your facts straight.

  • Zip

    Am I the only one insulted by the silly and worn out excuses? It's time for far more significant penalties. They really should consider lifetime bans.

    • @ Zip

      A death penalty clause might be good, but then again, people make mistakes and it would be a drag to lose a great fighter as a result of their own stupidity. Nate Marquardt is a great example. I'd be shocked if Nate ever tested positive, again. I believe he's learned his lesson and has grown. Nick Diaz would be another example. By definition, Nick is / was an infractor. However, he isn't a PED user. He's just a pot smoker and I personally could care less. As I think most MMA fans could care less. And he's also not the only one. And he has a medical permit. It would be a real shame to lose a fighter as talented as Nick over an arcane drug policy.

      In terms of PEDs' though, I think most could live with a three-strikes you're out policy. However and either way, it doesn't help us with the issue of over-turned results.

      • Zip

        @MMA Truth

        I guess I'm so sensitive to the issue because I could certainly benefit from the use of some of these substances at my advanced age, but I don't. I see little value in ill-gotten gains. Yeah, people do make mistakes but there must be a price to be paid. I, too, would hate to lose a Nick Diaz, but as Dana White put it, pot is a banned substance, you can't use it, all the fighters know it, period. The medical permit is useless. If a three strikes you're out policy was all I could get, that would work for me.

        By the way, I'm thinking we agree for the most part. I witnessed the carnage you threw at 'Mr. Fontez', and I am not in your league 😛

        • @ Zip

          There would be no need for you to be sensitive to the issue if, indeed, your age is that advanced and you could benefit from such things. These drugs do have a purpose and a place, just not for young, healthy, professional athletes. We should also take into consideration the dispensations which have been handed out, Sonnen being the most famous of them, which take into account a fighter's medical condition and the legitimate need. Agree or disagree with their taking, the issue is not knowing what they're on and whether or not it will result in the overturning of a fight. And yes, there needs to be a price paid for cheating.

          As to Nick, I simply have to disagree. I see this as a personal choice, one which does not help in the ring and if anything would hurt him, in terms of his cardio. Something which does not seem to be the case, by the way. I fail to see why fighters can drink, Champs can get DUIs', some might be on other types of medications such as antidepressants, for all we know, yet, Nick Diaz can't smoke a joint and go for a bike ride. Next thing we know, people will be telling us that only having one arm in a fight, is an advantage.

          And as far as his medical permit being useless, then what is the point of having it? Why bother with the side-show of it all? I personally do not believe he needs one, but none-the-less he does have one and according to the law, he is allowed to smoke herb. That is not useless, it is useful. At least according to the laws of California. And when we he lives in a country where the President of the United States, can go on Jimmy Fallon and make light of the fact that he was a regular pot smoker and occasional cocaine user, the hypocrisy simply become too much, for me. Particularly, when one takes into account that there are well over half-a-million people in jail in the US (at considerable tax payer expense) for the same activities, as Mr. Obama.

          And yes, I'd say we were in general agreement on this and most issues, regardless of Mr. Fontez. And you are in a league of your own, Zip. As we all are.

          Enjoy the fights tomorrow. My favorite two-strike fighter (Nate Marquardt) is on the card. I hope he wins, regardless of the mistakes he's made in the past. 🙂

          • Zip

            @ MMA Truth

            All very good points but perhaps I should have been a little more verbose. I am sensitive in the sense that I don't drink, smoke, smoke pot, or do any kind of supplements, and I'm probably older than all of them. But that's just me, my choice. Your point about the youngsters taking them is well taken, and is mostly what gets under my skin.

            We're actually in agreement regarding Nick. Personally I don't care if he smokes pot. It's just that in relation to UFC rules, the permit is useless. Nick tried that defense and lost. Fair or not, rules are rules.

            Can't wait for the fights tomorrow!

          • @ Zip

            Where I agree that Nick's license is a not-withstanding issue with the commission(s) and useless in that sense, I will contend that the rule(s) disallowing the use of marijuana are wrong. It would be interesting to see what a good, well funded, legal team could do with the issue. Rules are rules, but rules, like laws, are often wrong and or pointless.

            As I am unsure as to why it is against the rules, I'd be interested in knowing what the rule(s) are predicated on. Is it against the rules, because it is illegal? If so, Nick's license would be relevant and material, IMO. If it's because marijuana is thought to be a PED, then that should be required to be proven. For I do not see it as such. If Nick was smoking a blunt five minutes before he went in the ring, maybe, but that is not the case. So the PE would have to be demonstrated somewhere, else. And the only place where I can see that happening is in one's cognitive state of mind. One's ability to relax, focus and learn. However, isn't that the exact opposite of what they tell us herb does? My whole life I've been told how smoking marijuana makes you stupid and lazy. So, which is it? Does it help you learn or make you lazy and stupid? In either condition, there is no physical advantage. A fighter is no bigger or stronger, as a result of pot. It might be argued that one might become faster at something, but that result would simply be the natural outcome of training a particular move or series of moves, over and over. A fighter can achieve the same thing, without pot, by applying the same about of focus and time, as the pot smoking fighter.

            Again, I am at a loss to understand the rule, for the rule makes no sense. If it's a legal issue, then Nick has a license. If it's a PEDs' issue, then please tell us where the performance enhancement takes place and demonstrate it. And I'd say, until that is done the rule should be waved or thrown out, because I'm aware of no evidence that would support that case of marijuana as a PED. Not days, weeks, months after it's use.

            I believe in fairness and this is not fair. Fighters can alter the state via alcohol or prescribed meds, why not prescribe marijuana. The CSAC cannot over-rule California law regarding legality. They could only do so if they see the drug as a PED. Okay, CSAC should be required to prove marijuana a PED and until they do so, it should be considered a non-issue.

            How I see it, at any rate. Sorry, for the length, but I feel quite strongly on this subject.

          • Zip

            @ MMA Truth

            I may be a little slow, but I had to read that puppy at least five times and I think I'm on to something – you're a lawyer!

  • Well, pick me up off the floor, dust me off and put me back on turnip truck…I can't believe this is true. I am utterly shocked. I wish there was some kind of formal complaint I could lodge.

    I will keep getting back to a point, which is, what is the point of having a test result ex-post-facto of the bout / result? A fighter should be certified as "clean" and "all" ingested substances divulged / disclosed, "prior" to the fight. Not afterward. This problem nearly bit The UFC in the ass with the Silva / Sonnen fight. It could have bitten them in the ass in the Silva / Bonnar fight.

    Something needs to be done here and one of the main concerns, one would think, would be in regard to the betting-line. I can only imagine the class-action law suit that's waiting to come from a group of people who bet a particular fighter, had their fighter /bet lose, only to find out that the decision would be overturned X days / weeks later, as a result of a post fight drug test. It's nuts.

    The sport needs protection from this problem. Public disclosures / signed affidavits from fighters would be one quick step, which The UFC or the commissions could require. In regard to actual pre-fight testing / certification, I'm no authority, so I'll offer no solution. I just know that we need one. As Dana has known for some time, now.

    This sport is supposed to be about skill. Something needs to be done. The integrity of the sport needs to be protected.

  • Paul Harris….Phhttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! CUT HIM ALREADY.

  • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! you broke my heart Toco!!!

  • Rousimar was quivering in his boots about Lombard and Beltran was trying desperately to hang on to his UFC career. They did the crime now they'll do the time and likely get cut in their next few fights.

  • Man I really bought into Palhares the last little bit. Definitely don't care what happens to the guy from here on out. My 2 cents on roids – If you're clean do VADA. Even if your opponent won't. Be the change.

    • I was hoping he was just a big, muscular guy, because that's what he was / is. Show's you what I know. Oh, well.

  • Paul Harris???

  • TwA

    i wish they would just cut the next big named guy that fails and never let him back also they should sue him for his fight money and make a huge deal so people quit trying to get an unatural advantage we have enough injuries ruining fights and now it seems like every event has a few fighters failing drug tests this shit is ridiculous if a fighter new that if he fails he'll never be allowed to fight again or atleast in the ufc it would be a pretty good deturant

  • Paul Harris does have that big ol' square growth hormone jaw.

    but, to the point of testing PRIOR to a fight. That idea sounds novel and all…. but i think they dont because they know it wouldnt be in the ufc's best interest. They arent dumb, they know a lot of these fighters/atheletes are juicin the fuck up. The last thing they need is to ruin more fights/cards due to failed drug tests, ON TOP of the many fights they already lose to injuries. So, they test afterwards. After the money has been made.