Rory MacDonald: I want to hurt and embarrass Carlos Condit


Welterweight sensation Rory MacDonald made some waves when he called out Carlos Condit after defeating BJ Penn soundly at UFC on Fox 5. He parlayed the win into a rematch with Condit, the man who finished him via TKO in the third round of a bout many thought MacDonald to be winning.

That defeat at UFC 115 was the only time the surging MacDonald has tasted defeat, and apparently it still resonates strong for him. Set to face his nemesis at UFC 158 in Montreal, MacDonald has begun the trash talking war early. Speaking to, MacDonald put his intentions bluntly:

“My overall MMA game has changed so much and I’ve added so many different techniques that from where I was when I fought him the first time. I’m just a whole other fighter; I don’t fight anything like I did when we first fought.”

“I just want to do what he did to me; I want to make him feel the embarrassment I felt in front of his family the same way I felt. I want to hurt him the way he hurt me and I don’t want him ever to forget the time that we’re going to be in there for those 15 minutes. I want him to think about that for the rest of his life.”

It seems that revenge is on MacDonald’s mind in a strong way heading into this bout. Condit himself also has something to prove, as he needs a win here to prevent a slide down the rankings at Welterweight, who many think is the most talented division in the UFC right now. He fought and lost to MacDonald’s training partner Georges St. Pierre in November, and GSP’s knowledge and experience could assist MacDonald here.

This fight may have become quite personal for MacDonald. Condit thought that the call out was a bit strange, but nonetheless, the blockbuster bout is set to take place in Canada. It appears the UFC is set for fireworks early this year. Who do you like in this battle of highly talented Welterweights?

  • OMG Rory, its part of the sport. You are talking like a cry baby. Re-word your intentions for a rematch and victory to sound a little more mature. I like this guy, but there is a serial killer deep inside.

    • I guess Condit really, really hurt his feelings. How rude.

    • @Infinite….Did rory torture cats and dogs as a kid growing up?

      I still have condit winning the rematch…..Condit comes from a great camp and has proven Ko power and submission skills.

      • I don't know about the cats and dogs, but there is this one video online where he is just rocking back and forth in a still chair, staring blankly at the wall.

        • @Infinite…. That could have been a scene from silence of the lambs…lol

      • the canadian psycho lol

    • @InfiniteEnigma
      Dude all you have is to shut up. Do you ever had any high level competition as Rory do? If not, I am not sure, you know what are you talking about.

      • quick , pull him out of your butt before you lose your sense of humor. i was making a joke at the immature and un-professional way he handles his loss, vs most other fighters, who speak of it as an opportunity to grow and come back stronger, he is acting like a baby.

    • This guy comes off like a douchey prick. I understand revenge on a loss but its not like he t bagged you after the fight. Carlos is nice and professional. Grow up kid! Good rematch though.

  • Rory is the Canadian version of Bisping, immature, arrogant, and nothing but a prick. He needs to be taken down a notch or two. He's very talented, but knows it, and wants everyone else to pay attention to him, just like a child would.

    Who has he beaten so far that is really any good, BJ? LOL.

  • @InfiniteEnigma. I agree. I used to like Rory but he's getting a little unstable in the personality department. Next he's going to say he thinks about killing kittens to get psyched up.

    Not that he cares what I think (and he did say he doesn't care if the fans boo he fights for himself) but I'd be much happier if he said he wanted to beat the living snot out of Condit because he respect him so much that beating him would be an accomplishment he could feel proud of.

    I suspect Condit doesn't get involved with such small thinking. If he loses to Rory he'll learn what he can from it, move on and forget it. Sorry Rory, you're just not that important.

  • Rory is seriously good but what. a. bedwetter.

  • Someone please give this baby a pacifier.

  • As I was reading the title of this article I noticed just above it the news headline changed to the article which is title "Be careful what you wish for"…. just a coincidence but I would issue the same warning to Rory.

  • i get psycho, killer NOrman Bates…o baby i like it raw. this kid is crazy

  • Been in touch with Rory every since he was on the regional Canadian scene.

    This kid has changed so much.

    • @ Evan…do you mean for the good or the bad ?

      • I just mean changed, period. He was always confident, but it was usually in a lighthearted/youthful manner (although he was always pretty serious about his fighting career).

        Now it's almost dark to hear his thoughts on certain things, like this post. He sounds so angry, and it was similar during the Penn fight build up.

        • @Evan…. if he is going to make such piercing comments about condit, makes one think what his true feelings are about his team mate GSP? I still think he has a massive test in condit.

  • Aaaaw…

    (uproarious laughter)

  • I don't care what he says and how he says it, but all i know is that this is going to be one of the fights that is under the radar, i'm really looking forward to along with Demian Maia vs John Fitch..

  • Rory is only trying, rather awkwardly, to build up his fight with Condit. I am sure that Rory was embarrassed by his only loss in MMA in his home province of BC–however, it was his second UFC fight–and the UFC put him up against the former WEC WW champ.

    I don't need a build up to be interested in this fight. The last Condit-MacDonald fight was excellent–and Condit showed how tough he was in coming back against Rory.

    Judging by Rory's recent fights and Condit's–I believe Rory is not just blowing smoke about having made improvements in his game. Against Che Mills, Rory was losing the standup–albeit briefly–but against BJ Penn, his standup looked vastly improved.

    Rory got flack for his so-called Ali shuffle–but I have seen training footage where he uses that 'technique' in practice.

    Carlos Condit is more grounded and I like his attitude better than Rory's. I get the sense that Rory is just some young dude trying to find his way in the MMA spotlight, but Condit seems together and cool.

  • OMG what a Whitney little weirdo.

    He need some down time, read a book, go on a date, something.

  • So this Kid moved to Quebec in pursuit of greatness. Well done Rory!!!

  • I'm sorry, I like the guy and I believe him in what he says. Condit, and I'm a big fan, better show up expecting to be in a crap storm.

    The guy seems to be so removed / detached. He almost seems a bit psychotic, in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way. He never gets excited. He's not dramatic. He's just very cold and machine like, in his attitude. I'm sorry, but I like his serial killer kind of aura.

    And for those that find him whiny on the Condit issue, I can live with it. However, in his defense, this is a guy, who, in his head, doesn't think anyone can beat him. I truly do believe, that he believes, in his head, that he's a machine meant for destroying things and he gets pissed off when and if, it doesn't go to plan. He doesn't allow himself excuses and for him, to there was no excuse for him to lose in the third round, of a fight he was handily winning. It has obviously eaten at him and lucky for us. This fight has all the hallmarks of a barn burner. This should be a hell of a fight, one way or the other. And it's a big fight for CC. A loss for Rory won't be the same as a loss for Condit. Carlos needs this win.

    Anyway, I've been saying for ages he should change is nick-name to automaton, because I think that's what he is. He's an all-business, no BS, want's to rip your head off, kind of fighter and all while demonstrating no emotion and with no expression on his face. I love it. Seems to me, Fedor had a similar persona.

    • "Fedor had a similar persona"! When was the last time Fedor trash talked??

      I need to learn and it seems you could be the best person to ask…

    • @MMAtruth….were you impressed by Rory's performance against BJ? I thought he could have finished him in the second but he went off the trigger, easier said than done…

      Rory did great in the first two rounds against Condit but as soon as he got put on his back he got pounded. Condit has a much better defence of his back than Rory. Condit may be looking for more of a ground game in their rematch considering he had so much success in the first….

      I still favour condit, but rory has had almost three years to improve since then. hard one to pick…!

      • @ Enjoy

        No. I was not particularly impressed with RM's performance in the Penn fight. I posted as such. I called it a moral victory for BJ. I thought it was over for Penn in the second, when Rory had him up against the cage, but, somehow, he failed to finish him. I gave all the credit to BJ for hanging in there with a younger, stronger opponent and for marking MacDonald's face up, as much as he did.

        I can see why people might favor Condit and as I said, he's motivated on a couple of different levels. He needs the win (coming off the loss) and he's going to want to point an exclamation point on his previous win. And yes, you're probably right. CC will more than likely look for more ground work, as Rory beat him in the stand-up last time. He was first to everything, on the feet.

        I'm going to pick Rory, but I won't be surprised if Carlos wins and good for him, if he does. I like / love both these guys. It should be a great match.

        • @MMA TRUTH…..can't wait for that card UFC 158….To be honest I never saw Rory dominating on the feet the way he did in the first two rounds…It was clear condit was being outclassed. your pick may come to fruition. I certainly can't pick this one.

    • Just because Rory claims to be 'emotionless' does not mean that he is.

      After the Mike Pyle TKO he was doing a jig and grinning from ear to ear.

      After UFC 129 he jumped on the octagon fence and roared to the crowd.

      It seems pretty clear that MacDonald is naturally shy and reserved. Against Che Mills, Joe Rogan made the comment that Rory had this creepy stare, when Rory was focusing on Mills before the fight. This has led to a bunch of 'serial killer' comparisons–which are probably good for MacDonald's public image. Serial killer certainly beats 'awkward dweeb' in the fight business.

      MacDonald has noticed the promotional games, and what the UFC likes. The UFC likes personal animosity between fighters as it makes promoting the fights easier. All MacDonald is doing is trying to build up interest in his fights by emphasizing the 'personal beef' with Condit.

      My assessment of MacDonald is that he is a fairly normal, but shy individual who lives and breathes MMA. My guess is that because of his shyness–he tends to be sensitive to criticism–and responds by saying it has no effect on him.

      @MMA Truth – I suppose with a handle like MMA Truth, you really believe what you say is the truth–and when you say you were not impressed with Rory MacDonald's performance–I have to wonder about your ability to recognize excellent fighting. BJ usually does pretty well in the first round, and Penn was in excellent shape for this fight. Rory mixed up his strikes very well and hurt BJ for three rounds straight. It was an excellent performance–and I was very impressed–especially with Rory's improved standup.

      I suppose Truth is like Beauty sometimes–in the eye of the beholder.

      • @ Codemaster

        My handle is no less declarative than yours. You must really believe you are a master of codes.

        Don't wonder about anything. My ability to recognize and exciting fight is not constrained by anything. I am more than aware of how Penn does over and through rounds, first, second, third or otherwise. Conversely, I have to wonder about your ability to recognize a fighter in excellent shape, for Penn was not, in excellent shape. If you believe he was in excellent shape, then all that demonstrates is that you fell for and still believe in, Penn's pre-fight hype. And that's all it turned out to be, hype.

        And I never said that MacDonald's performance wasn't excellent. I said I wasn't impressed by it. Rory himself, said that he was disappointed that he failed to finish Penn. I was equally disappointed, for I fully expected him too, finish Penn and it was a reasonable expectation. MacDonald was the bigger, stronger, younger, more athletic opponent and he was fighting a guy who was, at least in terms of the 170 division, finished years ago. GSP put the stamp on that in 2009 and Diaz drove the point home in 2011. MacDonald's failure to finish a fighter who shouldn't even be in his division and should (more) probably be retired, was more than enough cause for me to be disappointed or not impressed. And again, MacDonald himself, has made similar statements regarding his performance in that fight. If you see it differently, then so be it.

        I suppose being a master of something, code or otherwise, is relative to what one thinks they are a master of and whether or not the acknowledgment or accreditation of that mastery, has been conveyed upon one's self, by one's self and devoid of any peer review. However, it inevitably begs the question, Master of what?

        Thank you for your interest in my comments.

        • MMA_truth said:

          "And I never said that MacDonald's performance wasn't excellent. I said I wasn't impressed by it."

          So let me get this straight O Truthful One.

          You did not say Rory's performance was not excellent–which means you thought it was.

          You also said you were not impressed by his performance.

          What the hell do you expect from MacDonald–Godhood?

          How many times has BJ Penn been finished–except for that time by GSP? Yet you were disappointed there was no finish in the 3 round fight?

          The truth is, Rory put on a very impressive performance against one of the all-time greats of MMA. Nick Diaz beat up Penn in the last two rounds of their fight–and Diaz did not finish Penn. I suppose you were unimpressed by Diaz's performance?

          Why you are mealy-mouthed about acknowledging the impressiveness of Rory's victory is strange.

          • Oh yes–Matt Hughes finished BJ.

            2 finishes in 27 fights, and you were disappointed Rory could not finish Penn.

            Were you also disppointed that MacDonald did not walk on water?

            : )

  • @ Grandslam

    I never said Fedor trashed talked. To the best of my knowledge he didn't.

    I was comparing their persona's. That, still-waters-run-deep, kind of feeling. The emotionless way he'd deal with an opponent. Very flat line. Perhaps if Rory didn't speak or understand English, it would be more apparent. It's just a vibe I get from him. That's all.

    • Let me share the vibe I get from him. He appears to me more like a rape victim. Probably a case of mental disorder.

      • @ grand

        I'd say he's more the rapist than the victim and I no more believe him to have a mental disorder, than I do Nick Diaz.

  • I hate it when young guys like him has a few great fights,then start talking this kind of trash. From what he said there i hope Condit kick his ass…..AGAIN.

  • Where are all the people who claim this site is "75% Canadians" now? Doesn't seem like Rory is getting that supposed unconditional backing.

    Hey, guess what? I am Canadian. I like Rory as a fighter but agree, he comes off a little weird.

    I could argue that he's a young kid over-compensating for his only loss and to cut him some slack, but guess what? He's a fighter! Who cares if he comes across like a psycho?

    • @ Crane

      Although RM is Canadian, he's not particularly good looking. Perhaps that's what accounts for MacDonald's Canadian fan base not supporting.

      Don't forget, on the Rousey scale of success, a fighter from north of the border must be both Canadian and good looking. I think RM might fail to meet the second criteria.

      We should contact Rousey for clarification.

      …and personally, I like the psycho way he comes across. Personally, I've got zero complaints about the man as a fighter. In or out of the ring.

  • Smack talk or no smack talk, this match up is superb. The first fight is irrelevant in terms of how this one will go with regard to how the fight goes as both are improved way beyond what they both were when they first met. Coming off a loss to GSP Condit is going to be more stoked than ever and Mac Donald is going to be more stoked than ever trying to avenge his loss.

    I find it amusing how many hang on every word MMA fighters utter these days then psychoanalyse it in depth. It could be he is trying smack talk. It could be he isn't great at expressing stuff. It could be he really has got some issues. But whatever, I'm not interested in any of that. Let's keep it to MMA and Psychiatry.