Roger Gracie vs. Tim Kennedy: Gracie Family Pride On The Line At UFC 162


Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman may steal the show at UFC 162, however, another hotly anticipated battle will be held on the same card between former Strikeforce fighters Roger Gracie & Tim Kennedy.  Once again, the Gracie family name will be on the line as Roger moves to secure a win in his UFC debut.

Roger is the 4th member of the Gracie family to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Since 1999, Roger has been competing on the jiu jitsu circuits and is an extremely dangerous opponent. This is a very important fight for the Gracie family after Rolles Gracie put on one of the most embarrassing performances at UFC 109 against Joey Beltran, gassing out and laying on the canvas, with a refereed stoppage in round two. Renzo Gracie then suffered a TKO loss in round 3 at UFC 112 against Matt Hughes. Let’s have a look at some of Roger’s stats and tournament wins as he heads for Gracie redemption in Vegas on July 7th in this epic matchup.

 Roger Gracie Stats:

 Professional record (6-1-0)

Height: 6FT 4 inches

Reach 79 inch

Age: 31 years

Skill set: Brazilian Jiu jitsu Black belt under Cousin Renzo Gracie.

Middleweight Debut: After losing to King Mo, Roger moved to middleweight to fight Keith Jardine at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy on July 14, 2012 winning the fight via uNanimous decision.

MMA Loss-First round KO to Muhammed Lawal.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling record 657 (multi-time Gold medallist in ADCC grappling and World Jujitsu Championship.  

 Jiu jitsu Tournament wins  

 2002-Brazilian Teams Championship. Win over Black belt Demian Maia

2002-World Jiu jitsu Championship: Win over Ronaldo Souza

2005-ADCC Submission wrestling world Championship-Win over Shinya Aoki

2005-World Jiu jitsu Championship-Lost to Ronaldo Souza in Final

2005-European Open Championships-Win over Ronaldo Souza-Final

2005-ADCC Submission Wrestling Championship. Win over Fabricio Werdum (quarter final)

 GRACIE FIGHTERS who have fought for the UFC

 1st Royce Gracie (UFC HALL OF FAMER)

2nd Rolles Gracie (only fought once in the UFC against Joey Beltran).

3rd Renzo Gracie (only fought once in the UFC against Matt Hughes)

4th Roger Gracie (about to make his debut at UFC 162)

 Tim Kennedy Stats

 Professional record: 15-4-0

Height 5 ft 11 inches

Reach: 74 inches

Age: 33

Strengths: Submissions, cardio, strength

Notable wins against – Robbie Lawler, Melvin Manhoef, Zac Cummings

 Tim Kennedy is a tough opponent however he will be giving up a sizable reach and height advantage coming into this fight. He is also facing an extremely dangerous submission expert and may have to rely on his stand-up and cardio to get the job done as the canvas could be a deadly place to land.

Other Middleweight fighters to look out for on the card include: Mark Munoz, who will be facing Tim Boetsch, and also Chris Leben scheduled to face Andrew Craig.  

Let us know whether you see Roger Gracie as a favourite coming into this fight against Tim Kennedy?

  • Renzo fought in the UFC once? Dude he had 12 fights in the UFC.

    • @matt you are thinking of ROYCE Gracie, not Renzo. Same family – Renzo's grandfather (Carlos Gracie) is the brother of Royce's Father (Helio Gracie).

      Royce fought in a few different places but is was the origincal UFC winner and spent most of his career there. Renzo is a legend of Pride but also fought in some Vale Tudo shows in Brazil.

      Two of the sport's biggest legends but Royce is the one most casual fans are talking about when they say or hear "Gracie".

    • Derp…..

  • My goodness, he has beaten the very best BJJ guys. I did not know he had Werdum, Souza, Aoki and freakin Maia on his win list for BJJ!!! Unreal, I need to see this guy in action on the ground more often. I have seen his MMA fights and heard about his BJJ fights and now I think I shall watch some of his BJJ fights. He must be a monster when it hits the mat.

    • Roger Gracie could be argued as the greatest BJJ competitor of all time.

      While most do not consider him as the P4P GOAT of BJJ, he is recognised without a doubt as near the top of the list for all-time greats.
      He also has the best credentials in the history of BJJ competition.

      The best Gracie since the great Rickson and the late Rolls.

  • Sorry, but I'll take Roger in this all day long. His stand-up, like Maia's has improved / is improving and obviously, you don't want to roll with the guy on the ground.

    Good luck to Tim.

  • Tim to me seems like a mix of Fitch and Kos, has the explosive wrestling athleticism of Kos and the methodical grappling of Fitch. Okay stand up, not huge power but he can hold his own (basically stood for 5 rounds with Luke Rockhold).

    This is a man who could stop the hype of the latest and probably last (for a long time) hope for Gracies in MMA, especially the UFC.

    Jacare went 5 hard rounds with Tim and barely took the win and IMO Jacare is a much better MMA fighter than Roger.

    Roger will probably win this, surely if he gets on top, but I never doubt the hard working attitude of Tim Kennedy to pull of an upset.

  • I believe many of you are greatly underestimating Tim Kennedy's grappling. No disrespect to Roger, who obviously is one of the highest decorated, but Tim can hang. His decorations just came in a different type of combat. As Keith pointed out, Tim went hard with Jacare for 5 rounds and it was the striking, not the grappling that eeked out a win for Jacare.

    Kennedy has much better striking than Roger and has the grappling ability to not only keep out of subs, but to keep it standing where he'll eventually stop Gracie with strikes.