Next Weekend: Two The Ultimate Fighter Finale events


Christmas is just around the corner, as MMA fans around the world are up for another action-packed weekend. This time it’s a double TUF Finale-feature, with both Smashes and Nelson vs. Carwin seans coming to their conclusion.

TUF Smashes will be the first card to take place this weekend, headlined by the Lightweight scrap between team coaches George Storipoulos and Ross Pearson. Finale bouts Robert Wittaker vs. Brad Scott, and Colin Fletcher vs. Norman Parke will co-headline the card, which also includes the intriguing Middleweight scrap between Hector Lombard and Rousimar Palhares a.k.a. Paul Harris.

The event will be aired on FX at 9pm EST on Friday, December 14th.

Twenty-four hours after G-Sots and “The Real Deal” solve their differences inside the Octagon, Roy Nelson will go toe-to-toe with Matt Mitrione at TUF 16 Finale. This card takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be also aired on FX at 9PM EST. Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci is the co-main event, but it’s also the only bouth involving TUF 16 fighters.

However, this card has some strong match-ups with Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner, Pat Barry vs. Shane del Rosario, and Dustin Poirier vs. Jonathan Brookins. That’s without a doubt one of the best FX cards this year.

Make sure to submit your picks for both of those TUF Finale events.

Good luck!

  • I want Ricci to win so badly.

    Colton Smith made every fight he was in on TUF a snoozefest but my main thing against him is faking the gloves tough and going for a double leg, in the fight to get in the house… no class and he goes on about respecting the US forces all the time and does a bad job doing it.

    War Ricci and war Tristar

    • i agree, colton is a garbage fighter… he ran around the whole 3rd round against manley and just looks pathetic to grind 2 rounds out n then run for the 3rd? what did this kid do in war? cause he's a deserter in the octagon thats for sure.. and jesus is he ugly. we know he really likes to pin against the cage and work, but with the sick elbow ricci showed us, not sure colton will be able to swing that gameplan, and i think ricci has good enough tdd to avoid the lay n pray.. that combined with his reach, i predict rd 1 KO at around 1:30 left in round 1.

      • dude, who the hell are you to judge what a soldier did in war cuz u didnt like the way he WON a fight in some sport you watch. and "jesus he is ugly"? really? thats your assesment of him? the victoria secret fashion show was last week, this is a site for fight fans and fans of FIGHTERS. he didnt sign up to be a model, and given that you go on the internet and use your keyboard to bash people who dont know you exist, im going to go out on a limb (a short one, at that) and say you probably shouldnt start modelling either

    • I completely agree………to reach out and touch gloves then dive under is such a disrepectful move not only to your opponent but to the whole ethos of the sport in general. I have nothing but respect for anyone who has the nuts to pull on gloves and get in the cage but to pull a move like that is not cool.

  • combine the cards and you have 1 nice one