Nate Diaz Says He Can’t Make It To Gray Maynard Fight, Has To Attend High School Reunion


Former UFC Lightweight title challenger Nate Diaz hasn’t always been known as a fighter who chooses his words carefully. It’s got him into hot water before, and it probably will again.

Set to face Gray Maynard at the TUF 18 Finale later this year, Diaz has been a strong oppose of the bout, originally saying that he wanted to fight champion Anthony Pettis. Now it appears that something else is getting in the way of Diaz having a rematch with “The Bully”:

No word yet on if this a joke or serious, but it’s tough to predict what Diaz is thinking. He was last seen in action at UFC On FOX 7, where Josh Thomson put him to sleep with an emphatic headkick. It was the first time Diaz was finished via knockout, and his stock has plummeted since his December loss to Benson Henderson.

A win over the No.4-ranked Maynard would have Diaz right back in the thick of things at 155. He beat him before on TUF 5, submitting Maynard en route to taking home the contract. But Maynard had his revenge in January 2010, notching a split decision victory over Diaz. A trilogy-ending grudge match should still be on tap, but you never know.

Does this surprise you, or have the antics of the Diaz brothers become commonplace in MMA? Nate’s brother Nick remains retired for the time being, and it doesn’t seem like he’s in a rush to get back to fighting. Nate isn’t far behind his brother, seemingly more motivated to go his high school reunion than face Maynard.

Is it all just a clever ruse to add hype to the fight’s buildup? Or is Diaz seriously thinking of scrapping the fight to rekindle friendships with his high school peers?

  • I didn't think Nate went to high school

    • Maybe he called it "high school", because he always went high to school…
      But who knows, i could be wrong!

      • Have anybody on this site visited Stockton beside myself?
        Nick knows he can make more money selling crystal meth, oxy's, & hand sanitizer @ that Reunion than fighting Maynard & BenHendo @ the same damn time.

  • bully revenge?

  • Atleast he is honest, not like some brazzilians chickens with fake injuries.

  • u guys dnt get it!! he is gonna get high with his gang 😀 was suprise to learn he even went to school lol

  • Ivy

    I call shenanigans.

  • Dude's being stupid.

  • Nate Diaz didn't go to High School, he went to School High

  • Easy enough, cut him.

  • I was in attendance at the Maynard/Diaz rematch and he won that too. He outworked Maynard with crisp boxing, which since then has gotten crisper and more powerful. This fight should be in the bag for Diaz. He won't miss it.

  • He's 28 I think he's serious. Despite the hilarity some part of me thinks neither Diaz are ever joking.