Frank Mir: The most impressive moment in Daniel Cormier’s fight with Dion Staring was the call-out


Former two-time UFC Heavyweight champion, Frank Mir, continued his line of defense against Daniel Cormier’s call-outs, this time claiming he was not impressed with DC’s performance against Dion Staring.

Cormier continued his unbeaten run with a dominant display against Staring, finishing the Dutchman early in Round 2. In his post-fight interview, Strikeforce Heavyweight tournament winner called out Frank Mir for a fight that was originally scheduled to take place in November, 2012. Mir was forced to pull out of the bout after injuring his knee in training.

Today, Mir criticized Cormier for not being devastating against Dion Staring, claiming that the most impressive moment in this encounter was the post-fight interview:

“He can go out there like his last fight and fight somebody that’s subpar,” Mir on Monday told Radio ( “The only problem is that you have to go out there and really be devastating to get any kind of positive criticism.

He’s in a situation right now where I don’t think many people were even moved by his fight,” Mir said. “I think the most impressive thing he did in the whole fight was calling me out.”

It seems as there will be a good portion of trash-talk between those two heavyweight bulldozers, especially with Frank Mir making a good use of his legendary rhetorical skills.

Mir is 16-6 in his MMA career, while Daniel Cormier is still undefeated at 11-0.

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  • I like both of these fighters but I think this is Frank's last fight, I have a feeling he will milk a big payday by hyping the shit out of this fight and leave the sport. I think the best Frank was when he was at his lightest since he was pretty quick on his feet. This is one of the worst matchups for him I think even worse than Dos Santos… I'm looking forward nontheless.

  • I don't know what part of Cormier's fight Mir is talking about, Cormier dominated the fight, took him down at will, and finished him without getting hurt or tired. Just because you are ranked a lot higher than somebody doesn't mean you're automatically supposed to beat them in 15 seconds. Cormier is gonna destroy Mir. He will use his speed and power in his punches, as we all know Mir doesn't take well to punches in the face. And theres no way Mir is taking Cormier down

  • My question is what were you smoking on that night DJ? DC's fight was not impressive at all. The takedowns were elementary by far. My first day of catch wrestling back when I was 16 I learned the same takedowns. Dion had no standup at all and DC was still clinching and trying to take dude down. Even when brough to the ground DC looked like crap. Dont get me wrong, DC won and all. But that fight did not look like DC is ready for someone at frank mirs level. There is no way in hell mir will try to take DC down as is. DC wont take mir down either. DC will be scared of the subs. But as far as stand up goes. Either fighter has a chance to TKO each other.

  • Frank has Ko power and also great submissions in his toolbag. I'm backing Frank to win via submission. Against brock lesnar in the first fight he took some bombs, stay composed and was able to find a submission and win. he also faced major adversity fighting big nog and came out with his opponent with serious arm damage…Frank is a veteran, he has fought so many top guys. Experience and great jujitsu has him winning for me..

  • His game-plan should be to kick the hell out of his lead leg and invite the take-down. If pushed up against the fence, jump guard. Cormier is more Mike Tyson, than Muhammad Ali. He's not one to sit outside and take shots, as JDS did. He's going to come forward and pound away. Okay kick as he does and invite the TD. And as I said, if he ends up against the cage, jump guard or throw that same (great) knee that he threw on Lesnar in their second fight, which, by the way, almost took Brock out.

    Mir can win this fight. It might get a little ugly, but he can win it. Cormier, of whom I am a fan, would be silly to look past him. He's a tough guy and he can take a lot of punishment.

  • Frank needs to fight this fight the way he fought Big Country,he brought it to Roy,didn't gave him any room to throw his hands a lot,Cormier has pretty good speed,Frank needs to shoot from the get go and take this one to ground,I give DC the advantage on the feet,but when Frank wants to bring it he brings it,he's a beast! may the best man win!

  • No way Mir gets a takedown on Cormier. Best wrestler in the heavyweight division.