Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort “has heart of a chicken”


Middleweight contender Michael “The Count” Bisping recently sat down to write a pre-fight blog via Yahoo Sports regarding his upcoming fight against Vitor Belfort, and as always had some very interesting yet somewhat harsh things to say.

Bisping touches upon many things, including Vitor’s dodgy answers regarding TRT, while also reiterating his own personal opinions regarding the treatment, citing it as a “Legal form of cheating”.

He also mentions Vitor’s apparent two-faced behavior in the media leading up to the fight, which he related to that of the “Real Housewives”. He also voices frustrations with Vitor’s apparent over-use of illegal strikes to the back of the head, and finally also shares this somewhat strange piece of information, including some much expected Bisping-style trash talk:

Vitor has one or two rounds to beat me – or try to hit me behind the head – and then his gas tank will be empty and the fight will look like that Rocky vs. that dead cow.

I’m going to force him to fight at a pace he couldn’t even fight at in his early 20s. He’s going to be miserable in there.

A fan tweeted me a link to Vitor in some Brazilian reality TV show, a clip where he’s in a bath kissing someone’s feet. It was pretty fruity stuff but, if he enjoyed sucking toes, he’s going to have the time of his life on January 19 because I’m going to kick him in the face all night long.

For more check out Bisping’s original blog posting at Yahoo Sports.

  • Funny, when I read this, I can actually hear Bisping's voice in my head.

    I would say to Michael, don't count the guy out too easily and as far as two rounds go, it might be one round more than Vitor actually needs.

    Good luck to Michael, if he beats Vitor he does deserve the shot.


    • I agree completely. He doesn't have to finish, but if Bisping can win decisively, he 100% deserves the title shot.

      Although as you were insinuating… I wouldn't be surprised if he get's blasted early H-Bomb style.

      • @Bryan…It appears that this is one fight where Bisping has the most to lose. Dana has already made it clear that Silva has no motivation for fighting Belfort again after decisively beating him already. Alot of pressure on Bisping.

        • @ enjoy

          I truly don't understand why Belfort can't / won't get another shot. It's not like we haven't had re-matches or trilogies, in The UFC before.

          Did Silva decisively beat Vitor? Absolutely. However, it doesn't mean that he owns his ass and that he'd do it 10 or 100 fights, out of 10 or 100 fights. I'm not buying it. I believe Vitor has everything to beat Anderson. I think he's a solid challenge for The Champ. He's not a cake-walk. I'd like to see Vitor get another shot.

          After helping the promotion out with the Jones bout and going four rounds with the 205 Champ, nearly submitting him and beating him, something which no other fighter @ 205 has even been able to come close to doing…and taking a loss, which he would not have taken, had he not taken the Jones match….to me…The UFC / Dana White owes Belfort.

          I've said this for quite sometime, if the phone rings and DW offers you a fight, take it. It's to a fighter's benefit, regardless of a loss. The boss will remember and appreciate the effort / help. Well, in Vitor's case Dana is, for the first time, proving that theory wrong. I'm still waiting to see what benefit Vitor got for taking that fight. A fight where no one gave him much of a chance, yet, he still took it.

          Shame on Dana White if he doesn't honor an un-spoken or un-wirttien agreement / understanding / practice, that he has honored before.

          If Bisping loses, then who does Silva face, if not Belfort? What opponents are both available and considered viable, for the 185 Champion? From what I can see none.

          And as far as Silva's motivation goes, to me, this is becoming an issue of the cart leading the horse. He doesn't want to fight Vitor, because he beat him, already? That makes no sense. Too many Champs have had re-peat bouts. He doesn't want to fight Weidman, because Weidman doesn't have enough Twitter followers? It's too much.

          The Champ needs his ego checked. Fight who you're given or retire. He's The UFC 185 Champ. He is not The UFC.

          • "The Champ needs his ego checked. Fight who you're given or retire. He's The UFC 185 Champ. He is not The UFC."

            GREAT statement, couldn't agree more. Which is why I cannot stand both Jones or Silva and is the simple reason that they'll never be even remotely close to being my personal favorite fighters.

            I prefer honour and respect before anything, and I like the fighters that talk little and do much.

            GSP, Machida, Fedor. Those have been my favorite fighters for years. Men of honour who will fight anyone and are amazing at what they do, proving themselves through their actions every time they fight.

          • @ Bryan

            Personally I respect every fighter you named. I happen to love the last three. GSP in particular. As much as he is hated by some, he's been a consummate Champion. He is The UFC poster-boy and The UFC is blessed to have had him rise through the ranks and ascend to the 170 Throne, when he did.

            Jones – I like him a lot. I think he's a brilliant athlete. I think he's a bad-ass. I think people are too hard on him, the same way I think a lot of people are too hard on GSP, but for different reasons. I feel the kid should be given a break. And when one looks at the laundry list of people he's already beaten in his, very young and short career, it's truly impressive. Particularly when most of those victories are by stoppage.

            Anderson – I respect the man. Don't ever get me wrong on that issue. I just don't believe he's had the tests or the challenges, within his division, that a GSP, Jones or even Edgar, have had. And the sad part of it is, I probably shouldn't even be upset with Silva, because and lets be honest, the 185 Division has had precious little to offer him, in the way of legitimate challenges. What are we supposed to do when you have a maestro leading high-school band practice?

            Speaking of which, what is the name of your band and what type of music do you play?

          • Do anyone read this?

          • @ Akordas

            The question is… "Does" anyone read this? Not "do"

            Also, you "do" not end a sentence with a pro-noun.

            Concluding – Akordas, if you're only going to post a four word, negative comment on a thread and in a forum designed for the sole purpose of discussing and commenting on fights and fighters, then you should at least try and get your syntax and tenses, correct.

            It is only four words, dude.

            Does you understand?

          • @ MMA truth
            I meant no offense. But still your comment is way longer when this article.
            Belfort sucks. I would love to be his fan but he sucks, he pulled so many fights, I am not even sure this is gonna happen.
            Concluding me. Bisping will win.

          • lastbulletmusic.com

          • @ Bryan

            Very good, Mr. Fontez. Very good.

            I hear a lot of old school influences in your music. Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Cult et. al. I like it, Mr. Fontez. And you're Canadian as well, cool. You sound like you might originally hail from La Belle Province.

            You have a very good rock 'n roll vocal and you have a very good stage presence.

            Mark me down as a fan.

          • 2nd that motion…Bryan's music is cool

          • @ Enjoy

            Bryan's music is very cool.

            I would endorse your second of the motion, in a most strident fashion. Mr. Fontez's band should be featured on the website.

            His band actually writes and plays their own material. Mr. Fontez actually sings. Mr. Fontez does not require vocal enhancement, via the software (Viagra) equivalent of auto-tuner or morphing (because the vocalist cannot even get close to the Key or Mode) technology, because his un-educated, talentless, rhythm challenged ass, wouldn't know the difference between a simple 1 /4 /5 progression or a Richie Blackmore Arabic guitar solo, if he tried…Mr. Fontez can and does.

            I was seriously impressed. And I am not easily impressed. I am not trying to curry favor with anyone. I think some, certainly Bryan (if I may address him as such), would know that we have had our difference(s). LOL!

            I listened to his stuff, man and it's very solid. He has a future, for sure. I listened to one of his tunes and it was as is, one had rammed Zeppelin & Gun 's & Roses, together, yet with a difference, and the difference was Bryan. Bryan's vocal and I assume (perhaps) Bryan's lyrics. Not the same-same-old, cliche crap, which you hear on BS FM, today.

            Funny, the FM station I listen to the most, in my hometown, plays old-school classics. If I heard Mr. Fontez's band on that station, I would not be offended. I would probably turn it up and say to myself, thank God, someone is writing something new and it has merit.

            Good for Bryan and his band-mates. I think they have very solid material, very solid stage presence and a very solid name. Don't be surprised if you hear more of his band beyond this website and Toronto.

            Or to put it in MMA parlance, if Bisping were to be taking on Last-Bullet on Saturday, Bisping would get crushed and it would be Last-Bullet / Silva for the belt. 🙂

            LowKick fans should seriously check-out Mr. Fontez's band.

          • @MMATruth.. .I don't have a musical bone in my body, my teachers traumatised me when I was young, forcing me to play the recorder. But, the music industry is a weird beast….Take gangnum style for example…! Funny music video, made millions….Last Bullet could easily hit it big. there are not enough decent authentic rocks bands out there and people never get sick of rock music and concerts…A guy i would like to meet is Keith Richards, that dude would have some stories to tell.

          • @ Enjoy

            You should pick up a copy of Keith's biography. He has tons of stories. You should read the one about what happened to his model girlfriend in a jail in Jamaica. And you certainly need to hear his Chuck Berry stories.

            If you haven't seen it, you should check out a movie Keith did for Chuck, I think it's called….Hail, Hail Rock ' n Roll. It's basically a documentary about putting together one show, in Chuck's honor. Great flick.

          • lol the differences have been put aside. It's never personal on here for me. It's just the internet and words. No hard feelings ever.

            And again thanks for the support, much appreciated.

          • Thanks buddy! I really appreciate the kind words. I work my ass off and it's pretty much the only thing I'd like to do with my life. So it's good to know other people believe in my work.

            We're actually playing SXSW in Austin this March. So that should be fun.

            Feel free to friend us on FB!

          • No problem Bryan. I truly meant it and would not have said so, had I not. I'm glad for you that you get to pursue a passion and in something for which you have a natural talent. You're a very good front-man, man. I like your band.

            Best of luck @ SXSW. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. I'm sure you will go over well. It's the home of the great SRV, after all.

            I would add you on FB, but I'm not a member of that CIA run organization. LOL!

            Best of luck to you and your band-mates in 2013.

          • Can you guys name someone Silva or Jones has refused to fight, as far as I know they have fought everyone in there division that they were asked to fight. If any thing its us fans that say that people are ducking fighters, we do a lot of talking for the fighters and it just gets excepted as fact over time.

          • @ David

            I cannot name any fighter(s) that either have ducked or are ducking. Jones certainly hasn't and Silva has no one to duck. Not at least until the Twitter challenged Chris Weidman returns. 🙂

          • @David and Falcon4917,

            You guys are not going to win this fight, so it's best to ignore it. Like them or not, Silva and Jones are going to continue to beat whoever to put in front of them, plain and simple.

          • @D.S….. Here is one that will make you laugh…

            Jones is refusing to fight Silva….
            Silva is refusing to fight jones…..

          • I disagree, Anderson is the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Champion)

          • @ Bryan …It definetly takes away the legitimacy of an organization if you have a pick and choose culture. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this Dana's whole philiosophy, doing the opposite to boxing?

          • @ MMA Truth, not only should Belfort get another shot if he wins but Silva's win was the equivalent of a one punch knock out.

            Now, don't hear what I'm not saying: I think Silva takes the rematch fight too but I don't think a repeat would be as lopsided as the first fight.

            Maybe Silva just wants that spectacular KO to stay in our minds rather than replacing it with a fourth round TKO or a decision.

          • @ Michael

            I endorse your analytic. It was the equivalent of a flash knockout and Vitor could still lose a re-match, but…he may not, also. I still believe Vitor can beat the man. Wouldn't it be great if the issue became Silva / Belfort 3, as the result of a loss.

            But truly Michael, if Bisping loses who is the option @ 185? And exactly when is he going to defend his belt, again? He's only done so twice, since August of 2011.

            I think one of the things we all like in a Champion is robustness. To think, GSP is already climbing back into the ring come March. And my guess will be that when / if he beats Diaz, he will climb back into the ring, again, in another three to four months, after that match.

            What's Silva doing?

          • @MMATruth….very good points…..

            If bisping wins and gets a title shot, then why would belfort not get considered a shot if he proves he is better than Bisping. It doesn't follow logical sequence. There is a fundamental flaw in the organization if a title shot would not be offered because of Anderson's motivation or the way in which the first fight finished..We already saw Cain get a rematch after a similar outcome in his first fight with JDS. However he got the rematch.. I don't know if Belfort is the right guy for the next title shot should he win…But he shouldn't be denied a rematch should he 'prove' he is above other guys in the division like weidman.

      • @ Bryan

        No, he doesn't have to finish him, nor do I believe he will. His only hope is to gas Vitor and this is a five round fight, I think, so, it's more than possible. I will give Bisping the edge in cardio all day long and if he survives rounds 1 through 3, maybe he can swarm / overwhelm VB in the 4th & 5th. I just think a Bisping finish is a low probability.

        Looking forward to the fight either way. And truly, if MB wins I'll be happy. At least then, Silva will have someone dogging him and will be required to defend his belt, which is something he only did once in 2012.

  • What can you say about Bisping that hasn't already been said….I just hope he can back up the smack talk.

    • I guess there is obnoxious mean spirited smack talk and funny challenging smack talk. Bisping is the former. If he took on the latter I could become a fan. I haven't heard that said before.

      BTW – I came in third in the Meme contest and wanted to thank Lowkick and dsgear.com for the great bag. Fantastic products there. Got a personal e-mail from Chris the owner and was impressed.

      • @ Michael

        You disgust me. Showing off with your 2012 Meme award, while the rest of us Meme-less, go without recognition and without reward. Shame on you and your "free bag". 🙂

        Congratulations on your "showing" (in third).

      • I felt the winning meme of the contest was kind of lame and predictable, Michael.

  • We all remember what happened the last time this little sh*t stain ran off his mouth about a veteran of the sport/former UFC champ w heavy hands.

    • Will anyone ever let that go Bisping was hyping the fight with Hendo, when your on reality tv some people understand that they have to be engaging and loud for raiting, and ppv buy rates, how many of us would step in front of Dan Henderson? Bisping did and got blasted in to next Tuesday, he collected himself and kept on with his fighting career ever think how hard that would be after the most embarrassing moment of your professional career

      • Here, here!

        Let my Bisping go!

      • Wow…now ya got me all choked up.

        Reality check: Bisping is a career loudmouth wank-off and will never hold the belt.

  • One thing to say to MB – dejavu incoming….

    • Yeah he will feel dejavu after win

  • MMA Truth should be banned from the internet.

    • You should have been banned from climbing out of the abortion bucket.

    • Zip

      @ ripstic

      That was bloody foolish my friend.

      • @ Zip

        Thank you, too.

        I think Rip suffers from "post-envy". 🙂

    • @ Rip

      I figure the two people who sharped that, were you and One More Round.

  • Bisping wins this fight in his sleep. Face it girls you all hate Bisping because he's British.
    Michael Bisping is 4-1 with 3 knockout wins at light heavyweight and his only loss a split decision to Rashad Evans. In my opinion hes deserved a title shot since his entrance into the middleweight division. If not when he first entered the middleweight division especially after he won his first 3 fights at middleweight 2 coming by way of knockout. I will admit since Bisping nearly got killed by Dan Henderson he has not been as willing to take a risk for a knockout as much but that is what mainly has made him a better fighter since that loss. I want to see Silva fight Bisping I know Silva will Knock him out but Bisping deserves that chance and pay day.

    • Zip

      @ ripstic

      What does being British have to do with it? Bisping is a very good, well round fighter which is often over shadowed by the rubbish that spews from his mouth. It is really that simple.

      BTW, why must you keep referring to your audience as girls/women eh?, although we should be thankful you sparred us the anti-American, bleeding vaginas garbage.

    • @ Rip

      I do not hate any fighter, not even Sonnen, Koscheck or Nick Diaz, let alone Bisping. And no one hates Bisping or anyone else, because they are British. Personally, I'm a big fan of the British fighters and like all of them, Bisping included. I have become particularly fond of Dan Hardy and Ross Pearson. On top of that my Dad hailed from England.

      No one hates Michael. No one hates British fighters. No one hates England. And I too, would like to see MB get a shot at the title. Silva or otherwise.

      We'll see how Michael's sleep goes on Saturday.

  • vitor's only 2 loses since he came back to the ufc are jones and anderson… i don't think bisping will get into that company… bisping is a great, well rounded fighter, but i think that vitor will be able to expose that suspect chin.