Nate Diaz has no remorse for the comments made about Bryan Caraway


To brush up on what recently took place in the world of UFC twitter drama, Nate Diaz made a homophobic slur about Bryan Caraway after Caraway lobbied for a submission of the night bonus due to the fact that Pat Healy was stripped of his bonus winnings and punished further for testing positive with Marijuana. Diaz was then fined $20,000 and suspended 90 days for his actions.

With that out of the way I will say that the situation is an odd one, but that the element making all of this controversial is the political incorrectness of the term Nate Diaz chose to use.

The English language is kind of funny in that there are multiple meanings and contexts with which a word can be used, for example if I call you a “retard” in a situation where you made a mistake, I’d simply be attempting to undermine your intelligence and emphasize the severity of your mistake, while meaning no offense of any kind to the mentally ill or handicapped.

Stopping by to chat with host Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour, that quirk of context within the english language seems to be the basis of Mike Kogan’s defense of his client Nate Diaz:

“Nate doesn’t feel remorse for what he said, I don’t feel remorse for what he said. I don’t feel remorse for defending what he said or elaborating on what he said. Because it was not a homophobic statement. It was not intended to offend homosexuals. We weren’t even talking about homosexuals. One can debate the multiple uses of this term. We can sit here and debate in the English language, there’s a lot of words that mean a lot of different things, but whatever. As it is, it wasn’t intended to be used the way people tried to twist the way it was being used. So therefore, what does he have to feel bad about? The fact that [Caraway] shouldn’t gloat over other person’s issues and try to kiss ass to make a point?

“Did anybody ask Bryan Caraway about his stance on marijuana? No, nobody asked Bryan Caraway anything. They just gave him the damn money because he was chasing after Dana all over Twitter begging for the god damn bonus. Just take your money and go away.”

Kogan does admit however that if the term was used in a deragatory manner to be offensive to any demographic of people in any way, he would obviously agree with the UFC’s punishment and anyone who would potentially be upset by such a statement:

“If we would have made a homophobic statement, or a statement that was clearly intended to insult homosexuals, that’s one thing. You come out and say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m really sorry it hurt people. We didn’t mean to do that.’ But to me, and this is just my philosophy, and I’m sure it’s going to be disagreed with by many people. This is how I think, and how Nate thinks. The mere fact that there is a protocol to deal with these crisis situation implies its lack of sincerity.”

According to Kogan, when his new client returns from his suspension it will be more than likely be at 170lbs. With his eye on the Welterweight division, Diaz has admitted his difficulties with the excessive weight cut to 155lbs and plans on bulking up his 6ft frame to fight bigger opponents:

“Just because there’s a few really strong, big guys at 170, that doesnt mean he can’t be there. That doesn’t mean he’s going to stand there and try to measure his strength against their strength. There’s strategies, there’s ways to beat people without letting them engage their physical attributes, right? Carlos Condit is not a huge 170 guy. He fights at 170. I think Nate will do just fine.”

  • Caraway needs to really think about what he's gotten into. Thats Nate Diaz, he doesn't give a f*ck. Diaz will want to fight him in the hotel, locker room, he's cus'ed out guys in mid interview for jumping camps who happen to walk by.

    Caraway needs to seriously watch out or he's gonna get slapped in a hall some where.

  • as with most things, south park dealt with this issue better than most of us ever could…i use that word all the time, but iv never had any prejudice against gay people