Johny Hendricks’ Camp: GSP’s Drug Test Proposal Full Of Red Flags


Georges St-Pierre seems to set the bench mark for professional athletes; he is a consumate professional with a clean image, a great athlete and carries himself with integrity. He even offered to use VADA (voluntary anti-doping agency) testing in the lead up to his clash with Johny Hendricks, and encouraged Bigg Rigg to do the same. Something that Hendricks was not too keen on, and as more emerges abouth the situation; the more I’m starting to agree with Hendricks.

Check out what Hendricks’ manager, Ted Ehrhardt, had to say about the situation:

“GSP asked if we would drug test. He didn’t say VADA or anything else at first, he just asked for drug testing and Johny said, ‘Of course I’ll drug test.’ Then he said VADA, and then it came to us that VADA is giving the testing to him for free.’

“Somehow he (St-Pierre) has a relationship with VADA. I don’t know to what degree, but that made us a little nervous and since we don’t work for GSP, we work for the UFC, and we’re fighting in Nevada, so they’re the commission, we talked to both of them,” Ehrhardt said. “We did a conference call with GSP’s manager and trainer, the Nevada commission, UFC representative and myself, and we talked about him wanting us to do VADA.”

Alarm bells ring straight away when you consider that VADA testing will cost a fighter $20,000 U.S, and GSP is not paying a cent for it (according to Ted). Ehrhardt, talking to, then talked about the possibility of using the WADA (world anti-doping agency) as an agency that has no affiliation with either fighter.

 “A week later, GSP’s attorney asked 15 or 20 questions about how WADA is going to test for this and that, how are they going to move the tests, how are they going to do this, a ton of questions.”

“He wanted to have predetermined times. It’s not random if you know when they’re coming. He had questions about what they test for, and that’s another red flag. Why do you care what they test for, if you’re clean, you’re clean? We didn’t ask one question,” said Ehrhardt. “We were just ready to test WADA, that’s what we wanted to do, and he didn’t want to.”

It does seem suspicous that GSP (allegedly) is willing to take drug tests with an agency that provides him with comps, but won’t take a WADA test because he isn’t sure when or what they will test for. GSP has often been the point of some debate among his former opponents, BJ Penn and Nick Diaz are among many fighters who suspect that GSP’s image is a facade.

I can’t help but think that this story may go a little deeper than has so far been disclosed, and I don’t like the idea of that. GSP has long been a poster boy for the UFC, if it was discovered that he has been juicing for all this time, it would tarnish his legitimacy as a champion and the UFC would probably receive even more dickenzien criticism about ‘this barbaric sport’.

Then again it could be a case of sore losers that could surely only be beaten by a roid raging gorilla, who knows?

  • hmm….

  • Jem

    I just hope Hendricks knocks GSP out. My prediction is GSP grinds out a boring 5 round decision per usual.

  • Shane Mosley is an exposed/self confessed drug cheat, HE NEVER tested positive. That's something I always remind people. It wouldn't surprise if EVERY single fighter was on something tbh. It's sad to say this but I'm getting to the point were I think there should be no ban on any substance. It's the same as Alcohol, Cigarettes and Weed, totally contradictory, zero tolerance should be just that ZERO!! On a scale from 0-10 it's ok to take stuff that's 3/10 but not 10/10, what I mean is every sports drink, supplement and protein shake is performance enhancing. I have trained with protein shake and without I personally know for a fact that stuff is performance enhancing, I recover way quicker than I naturally would. That's all these super designer drugs do and "TRT abusers" do, it allows them to train longer and recover quicker.

    On a more positive note I just heard Wrestling has won back it's spot and will be there for 2020 and 2024. Great news.

    • Caffeine (coffee) has been shown over and over again to be performance enhancing.

  • There's always 2 sides to a story. I will withhold judgment until GSP's camp responds.

    • How can the above comment get weaked!!! LOL. I only said I want to hear the other side of the story!!

      • So true but it's the WAY you said. You sound so Judgmental. "I will withhold JUDGMENT until GSP's camp respond" People might interpreter that as being pompous and aloof.

        (Just Kidding buddy.)

  • Seems incredibly premature to make any kind of judgement as we have only heard one side of the story.

  • The Problem with all this different agency is they don't have a set practice common to all agency. Some drugs or components of supplements are ban and are tested for in one agency and that same drug or components of supplements is deemed okay or not tested for in another agency. It's very difficult now days to test comprehensively.

  • D

    It's a little messed up if GSP is pressuring fighters who make a tiny fraction of his salary into shelling out 20 grand for testing…especially if he's getting it for free.

  • So basically Hendricks D*ck Tucked out of his promise to get tested.


    @ mousasi – GSP was paying for Hendricks. He never had to pay a dime.

    • D

      Clearly you did not read the article. Hendricks' manager claims that GSP did not pay for anything.

      "Alarm bells ring straight away when you consider that VADA testing will cost a fighter $20,000 U.S, and GSP is not paying a cent for it (according to Ted)."

      • Clearly you haven't been following this story. From day ONE! GSP said he'd pick up the tab so Hendrick wouldnt have to worry about paying for it.

        What Hendrick has issues with is, why GSP doesn't have to pay for his own.

  • It's a bummer to hear about but GSP has never failed a drug test as far as we know. Right now its what it always has been and that's just talk.

  • What a waste of an article. Hendricks should fire Ehrhard from his camp for trying to be a conspiracy theorist and turning this into a circus. Hendricks needs to be focusing on this fight, rather than having clowns in his camp try to take GSP off of his game by making baseless accusations. It may be a ploy to distract GSP but ultimately the media is going to ask an equal number of questions to Hendricks and his camp. This will be more distracting than GSP's camp that will laugh off the bogus accusations.

    Now for you conspiracy theorists that believe that this isn't just a bogus accusation, do you truly believe that an organization like VADA is going to torpedo their corporate mission to allow GSP to cheat? The ENTIRE MISSION of VADA is to gain a stronger foothold in sports competition by proving that their testing method is superior to other testing companies. So why would anyone think that it's logical that they'll let GSP slide (what in hopes that he's a posterboy for the company and promotes their product) if there's a chance that he gets tested and popped by another agency like WADA? That would be the best advertising campaign for WADA and would almost certainly insure a decline in business for VADA. So either VADA is run by a bunch of flunkies or the entire accusation is just downright laughable because its so off the wall.

    • Good point! It would not make any sense business wise. Also, this wannabe political game is downright stupid. The fighters should indeed focus on training and the fight itself, managers should not try to be spin doctors. So many '********-fans' still moan about 'boring GSP fights', people that train hard will realise that what GSP does, is absolutely ********, it might not be entertaining, but it is a show of knowledge, skill, power and technique like no other.
      Conclusion: fighters, train don't *****. Managers,don't try to be politicians.