Gray Maynard In Line For Another Title Shot, Is It Too Soon?


Gray Maynard is eying yet another title shot in the UFC Lightweight division, his match against TJ Grant at UFC 160 is for the number one contender spot at 155lbs. This would make it the third title shot ‘The Bully’ has received in five fights, should he get past Grant.

At UFC 125, Maynard fought to a draw against Frankie Edgar and was knocked out in the fourth round of their rematch (once again for the belt). Since then Maynard has only competed once, a decision win over Clay Guida in 2012, obviously coming that close to being the champion must have been a hard pill to swallow. Maynard spoke with Yahoo! Sports to explain the situation:

“I got pretty down, I’m not going to lie,” Maynard said in a recent interview. “I knew I had to step away for awhile and take stock of where I was at in my career. You only get so many chances in this business and I knew it was going to be a long road back.”

With the news that Maynard has left Xtreme Couture for AKA, many feel that we may see a new Maynard next time out.

“What they do at AKA is take those skills you’ve always had and make you re-think how you put all the ingredients together. It’s kind of hard to explain if you’re not there, but they see things in a way I had never seen things before. And when you work with guys like Cain, like DC, like Jon, and on down the line, it’s like each of them is a coach in his own right.”

Dana White could have easily given the title shot to Anthony Pettis, were he not fighting Jose Aldo at 145, and with the wins on Maynard’s record-it is hard to argue. He has beaten Jim Miller, Rich Clementi, Clay Guida, Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz and Jim Miller. There is no doubting his presence at 155. His opponent, TJ Grant, is fresh off a vicious knockout of Matt Wiman in January. There is no debating his shot at the Champion, should he defeat Maynard.

I think that we may see a brand new, re-energized Gray Maynard at UFC 160, and if we do, he should indeed get the shot at Henderson.

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  • Not in my opinion. If he beats TJ, then yes. Maynard is just one of those guys whose a perennial contender. I don't see Gray as ever being too far from a title shot. He's simply too good and too durable.

    Should be a good fight.

  • I see this as a good fight too but honestly I don't think that either deserves the shot with a win at 160. Grant has looked good as of late but Maynard would be his only victory over a legitimate contender. And like Gray says, he's been gone for awhile. He didn't exactly look like a world beater against Guida either, I think that Clay just kind of ran himself away from a victory. I think that Josh Thomson or Melendez should be closer in line to a title shot than Maynard and Grant.

    • I cant agree on Melendez.. he just lost and i'm sick and tired of immediate rematches, especially for the title. Work your way back up! However Josh Thomson… he should most def. get a shot after 1 more solid win.

  • Given the depth in this division I really don't see him as being anywhere near a title shot. Melendez, Edgar (given the controversial nature of his losing the title and if he should return) , Petis, and arguably Josh Thompson, are all ahead of Maynard.

  • Melendez vs Maynard I rather see that then him against Bendo anyway.

  • Maynard's only lost to one guy, and if Edgar wasnt Rocky's cousin then he probably would have won so it seems fair that he gets a shot. Im willing to bet he does better than Nate Diaz. If Pettis wasn't ******* fighting Aldo he would most definitely be the guy but hes basically not a LW at the moment.

  • Pettis is the only one more deserving than Gray if he beats Grant, right now anyway.