Georges St. Pierre: “50 mil’ rumors” are not true


UFC Welterweight champion, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, has responded to the ongoing rumors about his intentions to demand no less than 50 million dollars to get inside the Octagon with Anderson Silva. The rumors spread like wildfire, after one of the most respected figures in MMA media, Mike Straka, revealed on‘s MMA Beatdown that “sources close to GSP” mentioned the astronomical figure:

“I was told by somebody very close to Georges; that Georges today, makes close to eight million dollars a fight. So to fight Anderson Silva, he’s going to ask for fifty million dollars. Five-zero, because he said that Georges has ten fights left in his career, at eight million a fight.

But he believes that Anderson could actually hurt him, could physically hurt him and end his career. So to take that chance he wants fifty million dollars, and that’s exactly the number he’s going to go to Dana White with”

However, luckily (or not) for MMA fans around the world, St. Pierre labelled the claim as “not true” (98.5 FM, via

“I have not been informed of this, it is not true,” said GSP. “Nobody told me about it and I am in France now, I have not seen the article.”

St. Pierre is yet to release any official statement about his future, but it becomes clear that the French-Canadian fighter will choose between facing Nick Diaz at 170, or Anderson Silva at a pre-determined catchweight bout. According to Silva’s management, “The Spider” could move down to 180, or even 178 pounds, but definitely not down to 170. Silva’s conditioning doctor recently stated that a move down to Welterweight would be simply too much for hte Brazilian.

Stay tuned to for more. In the meanwhile, here’s a video from over a year ago of GSP talking about fighting Anderson Silva.

  • Breaking News – Mike Straka is full of horse s##t and doesn't know anyone close to George St. Pierre.

    This also just in – Mike Straka has had his MMA credibility revoked.

    • gsp " are you kidding i wont fight anderson silva even for 50 million"

      • by the way gsp fan girls….in the video gsp says who is the best mma p4p king

        • Why is that so startling to you OMR? Georges is a reasonable guy. Just because you are obsessed with him doesn't make HIM an idiot. He has said Anderson is the #1 P4P many times.

          • if you look at my posts from 2010

            gsp was one of my favorite fighters to watch
            but after transitioning to a "lay and pray artist"
            i cant support anything he does.

            and gsp fans dont acknowledge that anderson is the best mma fighter ever

          • Silva isnt the best fighter ever though. Silva nut huggers wont acknowledge this fact.

          • Actually I think azzkika watches a Silva fight but his eyes place GSP in Silvas trunks therefore making him believe that what Anderson does is actually GSP and he simply cannot comprehend why anybody thinks anyone else is better than GSP. It's a psycological protective shield against truth that complements their ideal world. We Anderson fans feel terribly sad for the GSP fans and therefore with much hard love must help them to see the truth to free them from this torture that seperates their eyes from their heads by a traumatic realization reflex to the hint that GSP simply is not half of what Anderson is in the cage. We will always be there for them though, because we care.

          • The problem is your transition from decent poster to super troll on this site isn't based in reality.

            George doesn't finish as much as he once did, but he also is in (and has always been) one of the top two toughest divisions in MMA. His style has also stayed the same in that he has always overwhelmed his opponents with the amount of punishment he extends. He doesn't have the one stop finishing power of Anderson, never has, never will.

            Also, defining what he does as lay n pray is incredibly stupid (no other way to define it). The Jake Shields, and Josh Koscheck fight barely hit the mat. He knocked down Alves twice, and was really pouring on the punishment while on top (until he injured is groin/hamstring in the fourth). He beat Penn and Fitch half to death, so the only person he really could see as "laying n praying" against is Hardy (and in that fight he went for a submission each round).

            Also the thought that most of the people who are fans of George on this site have usually called Anderson #1 PFP. I myself am more of a fan of GSP, and I have had to argue with people multiple times about Anderson being the greatest yet in MMA.

            However, you and others have to also realize that using an "all-time" moniker in a sport that is about 20 years old is incredibly short sighted.

      • here's a quote from onemoreround when he ejaculated upon hearing of these rumours surface

        fuck legacy, fuck being the wayne gretzky of mma, fuck being p4p king, fuck being the best………

        " if i get humiliated i at least want 50 mil"

        I wish trolls like this would fuck off from MMA sites bringing down the tone and sucking normally astute commentators into infantile gibberish debates.

    • what george actually said is that he would want $50 million dollars to perform in a porn movie with Mike Straka.

      • A Movie You Must be Interested in seeing..A Little Gay tendency's?

    • Straka never had any credibility. He's a hack, always been. Twice now on this site he's been referred to as "we'll respected" in the MMA Community. Open your eyes- no one respects that guy.

    • GSP talks nonsense. Silva does not walk around at 230. He also WOULD absolutely accept 50mill for that fight…but only at least 50 mill!! LOL.

  • It was very clear in all the articles that it was a kind of a "a friend of a friend of a friend told me" type claim. Not sure why GSP was catching so much grief over that kind of garbage especially when Silva is on record for saying he would want half of the UFC to fight Jones.

  • Juat like I said in the article saying the opposite of this one… just because a reporter, ESPECIALLY Mike Straka, says that he knows someone who is so close to GSP he knows the champion's exact financial situation (so close to GSP but still willing to leak private info about him)?… doesn't mean it's true and you should wait to hear from the man himself before jumping on the guy

    • if this is true it does destroy mike strakas credibility.

      i thought the "50 million dollar" statement was gsp trying to negotiate his pay, but i guess he is not interested in getting ktfo by anderson for any amount of money

      • Lol i should hope that he could,1 man walk's around at 220-230 other man 185.Wow thats a really fair match up. if anderson is the p4p king why pick a fight with a smaller guy? Fight Jbj so he can put silva on his back and elbow his face into the canvas .

  • What a shocker, a rumor turns out to be a lie…

  • Was really wanting to see this fight to happen doubt it will happen. Sounds like gsp wants nothing to do with it

    • i love it when fighters turn down a fight and they say "im not scared of him"

  • I wished bruce lee was still with us

  • ofc its not true GSP asked more

  • Rumours turn out to be nothing but hot air. Now this has surfaced though, GSP should demand $50M if it is not at 170 since he has been called out to fight at a higher level.

    I wish Jones would call out Silva, but then he isn't ducking JDS, cos JDS hasnt called him out yet and I doubt he would duck.