Erick Silva: I Know I Let The Fans Down, But I’ll Be Back Soon


Erick Silva took part in the lead runner for fight of the year at UFC Fight Night 40, making the main event an absolute thriller for his part, but inevitably coming up short. Suffering one of the more brutal TKO’s that we have seen in the promotion’s history, ‘Indio’ became victim number seven on Brown’s hot streak, and once again finds himself at a crossroads in his UFC career.

Currently 4-4 since signing with the organization back in 2011, Silva is yet to put together two wins on the bounce for the UFC. For less exciting fighters, this would likely mean their walking papers being served. I expect Silva to be back soon, and he took to his twitter account to re-affirm that opinion. translated the tweet to English:

“At first, I would like to thank the people that supported me and stopped by to watch the fight, I know that I let them down. I have no excuses, I know that I’m behind these tough guys but I will always accept fighting regardless of the opponent or my possible win or loss. I know that many will criticize but I’ll not give up and I’ll be back soon. Thank you all.”

In my opinion, Silva came closer than anyone to finishing Brown, and he does not need to apologize for his performance on Saturday. He showed a lot of guts to withstand the beating that ‘The Immortal’ put on him, and he still has a long way to go in his fighting career. Having won five fight night bonuses in eight appearances, it goes without saying that he is one of the more exciting fighters on the UFC roster.

So what’s next for Silva? Obviously he will take a step back in his hunt for a title shot, but perhaps that is what needs to happen right now for ‘Indio’. He is still young and learning, and give the chance he will get better. I hope he learned a lot from the fight against Brown, as there are a lot tougher challenges within the top five of the stacked welterweight division.

Maybe a match up with Mike Pyle, who is currently the number 10 in the division, would make sense for Silva. They share a common opponent in Brown as Pyle got KTFO by ‘The Immortal’ last August, and it could serve as a good test for ‘Indio’. Who knows what the future will bring for the Brazilian wunderkind, but I’m sure he’ll be fine if he brings the mentality he had at Fight Night 40.

  • Are you kidding Mr (granite chin) Silva? You didn't let anyone down, yet gained a huge amount of fans worldwide!

    • Just if it is there in the U.S., in Brazil everyone is saying that he is a shit of a fighter that has no cardio, and will never be a top 10 fighter, to me he was a warrior in this fight, but most people here are saying that he is not in the UFC level!

  • Silva needs to do one thing only and it's the one thing everyone hates to train for….Cardio.

    • you might be right, but i think it could also be the beating Brown put on him, the continued moved forward from Brown not letting Silva create any space that can tired any guy specially while getting hit like he was. Maybe he does need some cardio,but its hard to think a guy in that good of a change doest work on cardio,might also be the weight cut, heard Rogan say Silva looks huge like up in the 200lbs so a bad weight cut will be horrible, combined with a continued pase and beating can easily make you look like you have no gast tank. idk….

    • Of course you are right Falcon but he also seemed to have no answer for the inside game. Brown pushed inside Silva's comfort zone and Silva was still trying to land the roundhouse to the body. He got MauiThaiClinched to death. I love his style but it only works if they are at kicking and jabbing distance.

      • Yeah both you guys could be right as well, I just think back to other fights and feel he loses to cardio machines.

  • Them body shots didn't help that cadio none. Silva fought a tough, surging Brown.

  • I saw this fight in person and I thought it was clear that Silva had a major adrenalin dump …this is not an issue of "cardio or gas tank" It was an issue of the pro Brown crowd and brown's pressing style that played a part.

  • Run 20 miles a day, and maybe you'll have a chance with the "cardio factor"

  • It's NOT cardiovascular. Silva had an adrenaline dump, that's nothing to do with cardio. It happens to many athletes, it was a combo of the pace brown set along with the pro brown crowd in my opinion that contributed to it. Silva is a great fighter and will be back and better from this. He has some holes in his game and needs to manage and improve his technical side and stop relying on his athleticism.

  • Also running 20miles a day does nothing for mma or bjj cardio, sure it helps endurance and good for heart but mma is about bursts and fast paced exchanges and being explosive when the situation calls for it. Sprints and strength and conditioning goes further along with having great training partners that are as good or better than you to wreck you on a daily basis will make a fighter