Nothing’s Guaranteed: Dana White clarifies title implications of UFC on Fox 3


?Yesterday Dana White came out with solid confirmations about the title implications that Saturday’s UFC on Fox 3 will hold. He first addressed the issue of the Lightweight championship belt, saying that Nate Diaz would indeed be next in line for a shot should he win versus Jim Miller in New Jersey. Many had speculated that the winner of this bout would face the winner of the next Frankie Edgar/Ben Henderson title fight this summer. However, White confirmed that Miller may be a victory or two away, even with a win. The UFC President had the following to say via

“Should Diaz win, Diaz is definitely getting a title shot. Should Miller win, Miller’s probably gonna be a fight or two away.”

So, with the stakes set for the Lightweight main event of the evening, the focus was shifted to the co-main event of Josh Koscheck versus Johny Hendricks, another bout with clear title implications. When asked if a similar situation could arise as Diaz-Miller, where Hendricks get the title shot with another win but Koscheck still having a ways to climb, White responded:

“Exactly, I would definitely agree with that, too.”

So, it appears as if there are title shots on the line at UFC on Fox 3, but only for Diaz and Hendricks directly. Jim Miller is in the precarious spot of having been dominated on the ground by the strength of current UFC Lightweight champion Ben Henderson, which may have an effect on how soon he will fight for the title should he win May 5. Similar to Miller, Koscheck has also been brutalized by the champion of his division in Georges St. Pierre. Will Diaz and Hendricks walk away with a title shot as their next fights on Saturday? Or will Jim Miller and Josh Koscheck play the spoiler and continue to claw back towards a championship bout?

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  • Where does Petis fit in the mix? Hes not even included? He just won his last 2 fights and was the #1 contender for the title not too long ago.

  • Pettis needs to beat a top 5 guy. He lost to guida and he isnt a top 5. I think if he could beat one of the elite then give him a shot. And yes I know he beat Henderson but that is now in the ufc.

  • you just said it, just won his last 2 fights and one of those was an unimpressive split decision and other was a quick KO that showed he’s a good finished but didn’t show much about his whole game.

    Diaz is coming off of only 2 wins but he has a history of being a great UFC LW and has looked AMAZING, showing his full game, in his last 2 fights.

  • I’m all for Nate getting a shot should he win but MIller should definitely get one if Nate is.
    In their last 9 Jim is 8-1 (only loss coming, while ill, to the champ) and Nate is 5-4.
    Nate may be a lot more marketable but you have to be fair and say that if one gets the shot off a win the other should get the same offer. I think the winner of this fight should definitely be next after Frankie for the shot.

    Hendricks deserves shot after win but Ellenberger Kampann winner is going to be in front of him so maybe just give him another high profile fighter – Rory MacDonald?

    Kos needs to do a lot to get another title shot.

  • Diaz vs pettis need I say more

  • ian

    why would the ufc let rory knock down a title contender, if rory doesnt even wanna face GSP?

  • Good point but Rory needs to step up in comp now

  • Tell me more 🙂

  • D

    Well, I guess neither of these fights are going to produce a #1 contender.

    Kos and Miller by decision.

  • I sure hope you’re wrong Mousasi. 8P

  • I have a feeling GSP, Rory and Dana have already discussed that issue, I could be wrong.