Chris Weidman Says Anderson Silva Will Respect Him On July 6th


Much has been said about Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman ahead of their upcoming UFC 162 clash. The Middleweight title will be on the line, in what many fans are calling Silva’s toughest challenge in years. The P4P great has held his coveted title for nearly seven years, making him the longest serving UFC champion ever.

The common argument among Weidman fans is that his well rounded attacking style will win the day, while Silva fans believe that Weidman is another hype train about to be derailed. I certainly think this match has a lot of potential to be very exciting, but I’m yet to make my decision about which way I think the fight will go.

It’s always going to be hard to bet against Anderson Silva, he is such a talented fighter. The same could be said for Weidman. who is a superb athlete, although he does have less octagon experience.

Check out this UFC 162 pre fight interview with Weidman, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • In the interview, Chris Weidman said that he has been dreaming about this fight with Anderson Silva since he joined MMA….Weidman has also been dreaming about getting a golden ticket to enter willie wonka's chocolate factory.

    • Did you notice that he looks nervous in this interview?

      • When the gates close, Weidman is going to be wishing he is houdini if he is unable to get a take down.

        Anderson makes other fighters striking look like slow motion. I have not seen any tapes of weidman that makes me believe he can stand with Silva. Silva has 12 tko/ko from 16 fights.

  • Can Wideman get it to the ground? That is what this all boils down to. Excellent submissions, Vicious ground and pound..some of the best wrestling in the middleweight division.
    Silva is a killer, the best finisher and counter puncher ever. Wideman has his work cut out for him.

    • Good objective reply, seems some others are already bashing Chris.
      Im glad Chris is confident. How the h3ll can anyone come close to beating Silva if they aren't confident. I still say Silva will take it due to vast experience, but fluck, give the guy a break.

      • Yeah hes just as confident as most other fighters that stepped into the octagon with Silva…. Only to wake up a couple of minutes and cash a big fat reality check!

        • lol as long as I wake up with a check….paycheck that is. 8P

  • Silva respects everyone he fights. This dude is being silly. Has there been anyone with a less impressive record land a title shot. Sure he looks good on paper but that's it.

  • "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

    Mike Tyson

    • Wasnt that Chuck Liddell?

    • Sorry UDG, you were spot on….I vaguely remember Liddell saying something similar

  • I am a little bit suspicious when a training partner talks about how dangerous their team mate is. There is alot of hype surrounding Weidman, but he has never held a ufc title, is young, is coming off injury, ring rust….When Uriah Hall hit Tuf, there was so much hype that the sperm banks started refusing customers. Weidman is just another contender at this stage. Talented yes, but living with a constant erection until the fight arrives can't be healthy.