Apologetic To Fans, Jon Jones Set To Undergo Surgery For Torn Meniscus Tomorrow


The MMA world was dealt some incredibly bad circumstances last night (Tues., August 12, 2014) when news came that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had been forced out of his anticipated title fight against Daniel Cormier in main event of UFC 178 on September 27.

“DC” was quick to blast “Bones” for not fighting through the injury, as is challenger dealing with an ACL issue that will eventually require surgery. But while Cormier was able to put off going under the knife for the time being, Jones will not.

The champion is currently slated to have his torn left meniscus, which he injured training with teammate Alistair Overeem, operated on tomorrow. He made an apologetic post to his fans on Facebook, taking a moment to clarify his situation:

“I’d like to apologize to all the fans who were excited for UFC 178. Earlier this week, I suffered an injury while training for the fight. I’m having surgery tomorrow and I’m focused on recovering as quickly as possible. I look forward to getting back in the gym and defending my title on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas.”

So it seems like Jones’ injury is a serious one, quite a disappointment considering that his bout with Cormier was probably going to be one of the most watched MMA fights of all-time after their UFC 178 Media Day brawl spectacle.

The world’s No. 1-ranked pound-for-pound fighter, Jones will not face “DC” in the main event of UFC 182 on January 3, 2015. Jones’ prior nemesis, No. 1-ranked Alexander Gustafsson, called out for the rematch he was originally scheduled for, but the UFC apparently confirmed that Cormier would still receive the fight.

Jones has yet to go into a title fight off of a serious injury, and this one may be the most pivotal of his remarkable career. Will he back to full strength in order to defeat “DC” early next year?

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

  • all the jones nuthuggers are going to say "he has more on the line than DC, that's why he dropped out of the fight with a guy who has a more serious injury" well then, stop saying he's the such a badass. a true badass would fight anyway. you don't get to say he's the greatest after he ducks this fight. Jon jones actions have spoken, he values the belt more than being the best. what a pussy.

    • Its not about being the biggest badass when it comes to injuries like this. Daniel Cormier only took the Jones fight because Gus fell out to injury and DC wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. DC 9 times out of 10 would choose to fight with a healed knee. What good will it do if you fuck your knee up even further limit yourself to maybe 30% of your true fighting ability. All for what? To say your a badass?? Nobody knows how the Jones DC fight would have gone with DC still having a bad knee. Against a 100% Jones and DC at maybe 85% Jones would steamroll him, I would say the same if the roles where reversed. Why did Gus pull out of the fight?? Because he wasn't a badass? Or because he is a smart professional athlete like Jon Jones? Really you going to call Jones a pussy? Real tough of you to say that behind a fucking computer screen you dork. Also if you think about all the other Champions who have had to pull out because of injury, Pettis, Velasquez, Aldo they all pussies to??

    • sorry homie but if it could interfere with me losing the belt ive defended and worked hard for plus maybe losing a few hundered thousand in cash if I lose because of it yea no brainer… and I think Jones is a douche bag,.. I think Jones is hoping to fight Gus
      now not that he is faking it just that gives him a opportunity to avoid have to fight a very dangerous guy that is crazy motivated and has gotten very personal to fighting a guy have beaten before and know what getting into,. try make that legacy go lil further either way I think he is in trouble Gus knows how to beat him and DC wants to crush him and has the skills as well
      they both got him mentally

      • Jones has proved he has what it takes to beat Gus. Jones knows he can beat Cormier. Jon Jones has faced everyone the UFC put in front of him. All you guys where saying Jones is scared of Gus now he's scared of DC?? How about their both scared of him! They both refer to him as the P4P best MMA fighter in the world, they are both confident in there skills but until they actually dethrone Jones, they are not #1. You must of forgotten how dangerous Jon is. He has no problem fighting DC or Gus.

  • Give the guy a break FFS.

    He is one of the busier champions. How many times has he fought in the last few years? LOTS you dumb MFs!!

    When he fought Gus the haters complained he was ducking Tex, when he fought Tex he was ducking the rematch with Gus. The guy can't fart without it being construed as Satan's firebolts from hell snuffling out a pristine angel in her prime.

    Get a grip folks.

  • Yo Dirt can you hit me with a courtesy flush. That's too much SHIT talk to consume@ once.


  • So do the lame haters say hes faking the surgery as well?

    All he does is win and be the best LHW champ the ufc has ever had. Keep on hating cause it must be good luck for him.

  • I AM A PROUD HATER and I think the only thing Jon Jones need to apologise for is for being a douche. The rest is OK.

  • Zip

    Question: Bones, you got the decision, but Gus beat you up. Will you fight him again? Response: Hater!

    Question: Bones, it looks like you're avoiding Gus, are you? Response: Hater!

    Question: But, bones, he fought you close, doesn't he deserve a re-match? Response: Hater!

    Question: If you refuse to fight Gus, let's just say he was paid to have immediate surgery involving a chronic injury, do you think people would question that? Response: Hater!

    Question: OK, bones, you say you want DC. Some people say you are crazy. They say the Gus fight is easier. Response: Hater!

    Question: Funny, you have the same exact injury Gus does. Hmm. That aside, some predicted you would be injured before this fight. They questioned the eye injury you announced to the entire world. Why would you do that? Response: Hater!

    Question: Last one Champ. Zip says you will never fight Gus again nor DC, let alone the two back to back. He says you'll retire before you do that. Your rebuttal? Response: Hater!

    • You went to a lot of effort to make yourself look like a complete Bozo.

      Answer 1. Gus beat Jones up for 2 rounds, Jones beat Gus up for 3 rounds, including almost knocking him the fuck out. Is Gus the one who got injured first or What?? Jon signed the contract to fight Gus, Gus pulled out and set all this other crap in motion.

      Answer 2. Jones was not avoiding Gus. He already beat Gus whether you like it or not. Jon wanted a new challenge and a new test. Plus Jones had old beef with DC. In the end Jones signed the Gus contract, so how is that avoiding him??

      Answer 3. …….

      Answer 4. Delusional.

      Answer 5. Gus and DC are both extremely tough fights, no fight at this level is easy.

      Answer 6. Jones has the same injury as Gus? You mean Jones has the same injury as thousands of other Athletes. A very common injury in MMA.

      Answer 7. Well Zip it looks like you are a fucking Tool bag. Dumb as a box of rocks. You can't handle the fact that someone you hate, is the Champion of the LHW division. You have no legitimate arguments for Jon Jones inside the cage. He smashed everyone except Gus. Jon is a true Champion and a true Warrior.

      How about you think about it like this.. Jones had never been tested, apart from maybe 2 mins here and there from Rashad and Lyoto. He had never had a major cut or any major bleeding, never had much swelling, never been taken down, got like 90% takedown accuracy. Gus Cut Jon, made him perfusely bleed out of the eye cut, some minor swelling, took Jones down, stuffed several takedowns, all in two rounds!!! Jones persevered through all of that stuff, the kind of stuff that breaks fighters in that position, wilt under the pressure. Or do what Jon Jones did and rise to the occasions, he blocked out the first 2 rounds and battered Gus. That 4th rounds was epic. After what Jon went through to comeback and almost KO Gus was a great moment in UFC history. My hat is off to Gus he did a great Job but he gassed out. He showed holes in his game, like Jon did. How about you show Jon some respect for a change, what has he personally done to you???

      • dude I hope you aren't taking this as seriously as you seem to be based on your comments. I was kidding man, if you look at my comments I RARELY hate on fighters.Nothing a complete stranger says on the internet should get you fired up. You are so quick to defend Jones it's funny. it's like you think you're helping him or somehting. I don't doubt your fighting knowledge for a second and I respect your opinion but you are way too hardcore about defending jon jones. He's a world champion cagefighter man, he doesn't need anybody to defend him, especially on the internet.

        • Dude I don't really care, I just see stupid comments and I write a reply. It takes me two minutes, its not about Jon Jones either If I see comments like that about any fighter I support or respect I'll write a reply. So because I offer my opinion on the subject, that makes me someone who is personally defending Jon Jones like a dork?? Honestly I see idiot comments like yours all the time, I though you where actually serious.

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