Anthony Pettis Talks Injury: It’s Hard To Come Back From


UFC Feather/Lightweight Anthony Pettis is pretty down on his luck at the minute. He was messed around at 155lbs. and ended up taking the title shot against Jose Aldo at 145, until an injury forced him to withdraw from the bout. His circumstances are certainly complicated, and it begs the question; What’s next for Pettis?

Well a lot of people are talking about Pettis vs. Henderson II, for the LW strap, a fight which would have made sense a year ago. Pettis appeared on The MMA Hour to talk about the injury:

“The last day of the press conference in Brazil, the UFC took us out there to do some press and media, to meet the local Brazilian press. Me and Phil Davis decided to do some rolling, before we went back on to the airplane, so we went down to my coach’s gym. I think it was the last round, the last five minutes, my knee got caught in a weird position, and I heard a pop. I thought it was alright, I got on the plane, and it blew up on me. I had to get an MRI the next day and the UFC caught wind of it. It is what it is, man. I guess I got the worst luck when it comes to title shots.”

With another exciting fight scrapped due to injury, it seems that the MMA world can’t get a break from this awful streak of cancellations and switch ups. I can’t imagine the mental anguish that Pettis is experiencing at the minute, he went on to talk more about his feelings on the situation:

“Maybe it’s not meant for me to fight for a title. Maybe 145 is not meant for me. I have no idea man, I’m just in this funk for the last couple of days, just trying to figure out what’s going to happen for the rest of my career. Do I just keep fighting and figure it out from there? Do I try to get a title shot? I mean, it’s hard to come back from.”

If anyone can come back from such a blow, it’s surely Anthony Pettis. ‘Showtime’ then spoke about his feelings towards the current Lightweight champion, Ben Henderson:

“I’m the last guy to beat Ben Henderson, no matter what. My name never gets brought up out of his mouth for some reason. I’m not going to say he’s ducking me or dodging me, but for some reason, when it comes to fighting Pettis, he’s all against it.”

Only time will tell if Pettis has what it takes to come back from this latest adversity, stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • As far as I know Henderson has never called anyone out.

  • So young, talented and for some reason injury prone

    • It's his flashy style…. he does things with his body that the body is not really build for. It's one of the downside's of his fighting style BUT…….. the upsides make up for all that!!! Cause when Showtime fights it's literally Showtime..!

  • There are ways to build the connective tissues (jogging can thicken the knee ligaments for eg.) and supplements to help hope he is on a scientific regime.

  • Pettis vs Aldo is a huge loss… Just hope to see the fight in the near future whether it's at 145 or 155!

    If Ben and Aldo both win the most attractive fight is a clash of the 145 & 155 pound champs for the LW crown… That leaves Pettis in no man's land to either risk his ranking in a non title fight or a long layoff before the biggest fight of his career…

    I feel for him… If TJ Grant hadn't beaten Maynard so emphatically I would just say give the shot to Pettis if he'll be ready but its like Hendricks and his never ending road to GSP all over again!