POLL: Who Should Frankie Edgar Fight Next?


Frankie Edgar extended his win streak to two with his third round TKO against BJ Penn at The Ultimate Fighter 19 finale last night, in what was undoubtedly one of his more impressive showings. ‘The Prodigy’ simply couldn’t keep up with the faster, younger Edgar, and was sent in to retirement by ‘The Answer’.

Edgar’s drop to featherweight was met with a decision loss to the champion Jose Aldo, but now with wins over Penn and Charles Oliveira, ‘The Answer’ has some bargaining chips again. So what’s next for the 32-year old New Jersey native? Well there are a lot of talented fighters at 145 pounds, and Frankie currently resides in the number three spot.

Perhaps a fight with the soon to be returning Chan Sung Jung would be fun, or Ricardo Lamas is one spot behind Edgar. Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo are probably out of the question for now, and a shot against the winner of those two would probably be a little unfair to Cub Swanson. Speaking of ‘Beautiful Destruction’, didn’t he say he would like the winner of Edgar vs. Penn III? Now that would be a great fight. Take a vote and have your say, who should Frankie Edgar fight next?

  • Is the Aldo Mendes fight being pushed back? What's happening for 176 then? And Edgar vs Mendes would be pretty sick but I'd settle for Swanson although I doubt Swanson wants another fight other than a title shot

    • Jose Aldo is injured and out of UFC 176

      • Dana said the fight could still happen, but no on UFC 176, because Aldo need to 45 days to recover!

      • Of course Cain I mean Aldo is injured.

  • Ivy

    Cub,without a doubt.

    • I want Cub to get a chance to rematch Lamas.

  • I put Lamas…but the truth is that I don't want to see any of those fights. Edgar is at the point in his career where it is about who he fights more so than a championship…that said…here is who I would LOVE to see him matched up with that would be fun to see. This is from the fight I would most like to see down. ANY of these fights headlines a PPV with no title needing to be involved. Any of these fights is more exciting than most title fights in their respective division

    Edgar vs Faber
    Edgar vs Pettis
    Edgar vs Cruz
    Edgar vs Melendez
    Edgar vs Dillishaw
    Edgar vs Barao

    • You should never move to a weightclass just to fight certain Big fights. You should only fight where you are best suited. That means not cutting heaps of weight and draining yourself to where it impedes a performance. I think Frankie is perfect for 145 and has tons of great matchups there. Mentioning Edgar at 135 is pointless, unless he has come out and said he is moving down, has he?? Frankie vs anyone in the top 10 of 145 would be a tremendous match-up. I personally think Edgar vs Poirier or Edgar vs KZ. Then if he wins move onto either, Lamas, Swanson or the loser of Mendez vs Aldo.

  • Cub of Lamas…