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POLL: Which Fight Should Anderson Silva Return To?


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva may well return in 2014, as we learn that he is back to MMA sparring again. At worst, an early 2015 return is what ‘The Spider’ will have to settle for, and the precise location of his former title is anyone’s guess at that point. With Chris Weidman set to defend the belt he snatched from Silva at 162, against Lyoto Machida at UFC 175, perhaps Silva would be content simply avenging his two UFC losses if ‘The Dragon’ is the boss?

There has also been a lot of chatter about a potential pairing with Nick Diaz. The Pride FC and Strikeforce veteran has been inactive since losing to Georges St-Pierre UFC 158, and has previously stated he would only return for a big money fight. Other healthy candidates include Luke Rockhold, or potentially a rematch with Vitor Belfort.

How about Michael Bisping (for a laugh), or could it be possible that the stars will align for a superfight with former welterweight kingpin GSP? Who knows, but I think I’d most like to see Silva face either Weidman or Diaz. How about you?  

  • I'd love to see him fight Vitor (if he isn't champ yet by the time Silva returns) or Luke… I don't know why people wanna see him fight Nick Diaz. To me that's one of the most ridiculous match-ups and a mismatch too. I get the whole "bring diaz back fight" shit, but wtf has Diaz done to deserve a superfight like that? He has been retired… refuses to fight, to put more shame to his record. Why should he be hyped up and jump straight into the major pay day to fight Silva? I say fuck that and give someone more deserving a shot. It's a big PPV fight i get that too but i don't get why fans would want to see the fight. We all know how the fucking fight is gonna end.

    • Diaz doesn't really deserve the fight, but the fans sure do.

    • I agree XP, I actually think Bisping would be a good fight as it will at least give him some danger and the knowledge he beat a legit competitor which should give him confidence to fight with no reserve against the top 3 guys.

      • You know, he needs to test his leg in combat and then once he's confident in it give him some killers which he can show us if he's back.

  • I want to see him fight Weidman and show everyone who the true champ is. If Silva is 100% healthy and comes in motivated like he was way back when he fought Rich Franklin no one in the world can stop him. The only other fight I would really want to see is the Nick Diaz fight.

  • He should take no more fights. He has nothing to prove. He is done. The priority now must be keeping healthy to enjoy his family. He must not give way to UFC's passion for bigger profits. When he felt it was time to stop, Emilianenko said he would retire and that was all – no unnecessary drama, no second thoughts. This is what a man does. Lidell, Penn, etc. they always wanted one more fight, one last chance. And now Silva… Enough is enough.

  • Put him with Jones so I can be done with MMA once and for all…this pain has to stop!

  • Nick Diaz……

  • I want to see him fighting against all of them!!

  • If silva wants to go down as the greatest then he needs to fight weidman

  • I would love to see his arrogant ass get kicked by Nick.

    • I think it would be Nicks even more arrogant ass that gets kicked.lol.

  • Really doesn't matter who it is…. I feel bad for them, cause in his comeback fight, he's gonna come out looking to make a SERIOUS statement.