The brother of legendary martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee recently appeared at One FC’s Asian MMA Summit to address just how his brother would have felt about modern day MMA. And to no one’s surprise, Robert Lee believes his brother would have supported the sport wholeheartedly:

“Spirit-wise, he would support it 1,000 per cent. It’s what he came up with originally and believed in.” –via Yahoo!

Many regard the legendary Bruce Lee as the true innovator of modern mixed martial arts, as he was famous for formulating his own adaptive style of fighting that mixed many of the most effective arts in Jeet Kune Do. Dana White has shown his respect for Lee in the past and is among the many who believe Lee to be one of our beloved sport’s founding fathers.

It’s interesting to hear someone from his actual family express their perceived support for MMA, because it’s something we haven’t seen too much of. MMA has evolved so much from its early UFC days, when it was regarded as barbaric. Some believe that it truly originated in Japan with Pancrase. Either way, the roads that Bruce Lee paved definitely have something to do with the lofty position the sport enjoys now.

Bruce Lee’s death was a tragic occurrence to all of those involved with the martial arts, and while it’s obvious that he would have been too old to fight in MMA, he may have been quite happy to see where fighting has gone. Robert continued on about his famous brother:

“I have small kids coming up to me and asking me how Bruce was like… can you imagine? People just love him for what he did. And what he did was a lot.”

Indeed he did do a lot for the martial arts.