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Prepare For Battle: Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown Set For UFC On FOX 9


Not to be outdone by its big brother UFC 168, UFC On FOX 9 has added one of the most talked-about and anticipated fights to the Dec 14 card. Carlos Condit will square off with surging Welterweight Matt “The Immortal” Brown in what could be one of the most intense slugfests available in all of MMA. Fox Sports revealed the exciting news earlier today.

Condit was last seen in the main event of UFC Fight Night 27 from Indianapolis, where he dispatched Martin Kampmann with a spectacular fourth round TKO stoppage. The win ended a snide for Condit, who had lost his two previous bouts to champion Georges St. Pierre and current title challenger Johny Hendricks.

Brown, the winner of six straight bouts, recently knocked Mike Pyle out with a vicious flurry at UFC Fight Night 26. He was rumored to be facing off with final Strikeforce Welterweight champion Tarec Saffiedine, but the Belgian revealed that he is still not ready to make his Octagon debut due to injury.

Now Brown has a much higher profile bout on his hands. “The Immortal” has been saying that he believes he is the one to finally beat GSP, and if he beats Condit, he may just get a chance at the belt. Same with “The Natural Born Killer.” The term ‘pivotal bout’ gets thrown around a lot in MMA, but this fight is the true definition of that phrase.

It’s going to be war when Condit and Brown square off in Sacramento, and on paper, it’s one of the most excited bouts of the year. Whose momentum will be derailed when these two heavy hitters take to the Octagon this December?

  • Brown will never get in Condit's pocket in order to unleash those bombs. Condit by boring UD.

    • Condit by devastating finish.

    • Matt Brown off the prelims GTFO!

    • I can't believe how many "weaks" I got. I agree with 99% of everyone who says Condit wins. Only I say he plays it safe vi si vi Nick Diaz. That's weak my ***, thanks, clowns.

      • Condit has one of the highest finish rates in the Ufc. 93 percent. He has 2 decision wins in 36 fights. That is why you got weaked.

        • Thank you dropkick, I was going to post the same things and didn't feel like looking up the actual stats. I just know his finishing rate is FAR beyond amazing. Matt Brown is no Nick Diaz, Condit will have no reason to play it safe vs him.


    • holy shirt?

      • holy shingles i fudging cant wait for these motor funkers to fight

        • Holy Sheet! Two tough bastages. Too bad Brown will be too slow for Carlos.

  • Glad to see Condit got the fight that he was seeking.

    Good luck to Matt Brown, he's going to need it.

    • lol you can say that two times!

      • Actually, what I should have written was:

        Glad to see Condit got the fight that he was seeking.

        Good luck to Matt Brown, for he will be leaking.

        …more poetic, Stewie.

  • This is where Matt Brown (and everyone else on the MB hype train) realizes that he is good, but not that good…..

    • @rage64/brian I agree, carlos is like a much more advanced version of Brown

      • Amen…….. still very excited about the fight though..!!! It's just one of those fights that need to happen (for the fans sake..!)

  • No doubt about that. I think Condit wins hands down, but if Brown somehow finds a way to pull it off, he deserves a title shot.

  • Brown by KO in the second.

    • I agree, Matt will go down in the 2nd. 8))

  • Sorry but it is the nature of the game.

  • Yeah 36 fights never been finished. Ellenberger, kampman, diaz, Hendricks, hardy, and GSP couldn't finish him so to say brown will KO him is straight crazy talk. Lost whatever marbles you had to begin with.

    • lmao, I thought I had two marbles until it hurt after a girl kicked me in the nutz.

  • dam, good to see Brown off the prelims finally but what a tough fight awaits. Wouldt say its an easy fight for either and i dont think a clear winner could be said, it most depends on who comes in more ready and wants it more this is what Brown needs to finally get close to a shot, i like both guys it would **** to see Brown lose or Condit..i'll go with the double KO on this one