Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua has become a household name in MMA for his wild style and finishing ability, dating back to his Pride FC fights and his modern classics against legends like Dan Henderson. ‘Shogun’ was in the news for rather more ugly reasons lately, as he got carjacked in his home country of Brazil, although unhurt in the mugging, ‘Rua’ claimed there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Rua’s level headed approach probably saved him from being shot by the assailants, although Nick Diaz says he would have handled it differently. Outspoken and nuts as always, Diaz spoke with Pop Candies TV to discuss ‘Shogun’s’ carjacking:

‘If we were here, you’d probably have to shoot me. They stripped him off and left him in his boxers. You’d probably have to slap me until I cry, until I want to take my clothes off. I’m not hating, he’s on some real shit. They put a gun to your forehead and rob you, I don’t go to Brazil or Mexico, that’s fucked up man.’

As disjointed and (possibly) inebriated as Diaz sounded during the interview, I think he is trying to relate to Rua’s situation. Being in that kind of situation is never a good thing, but it sounds as if Diaz would have gotten himself killed. It’s always easy to say how you would handle a carjacking when it isn’t happening to you, and having a rifle pointed at your head would probably make you think again.

What do you think, Is the Stockton bad boy really that crazy, or is he running his mouth for the camera?