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Kenny Florian pulls out of Fight for the Troops 2; Melvin Guillard steps in as a replacement


Heavy.com reports that the two-time UFC Lightweight Title challenger Kenny “Kenflo” Florian had to pull out of his Fight for the Troops 2 Main Event bout against Evan Dunham, due to an injury. Twelve-fight UFC veteran Melvin Guillard was picked as a replacement, for a headliner of the card that will take place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texax on January 22nd.

Later on, Kenny Florian spoke the injury via his official website:

It is with deep regret that I will not be able to compete in my scheduled fight against Evan Dunham on January 22nd, due to a knee injury I sustained during training this morning. Although I have not had an MRI as of yet; the doctors are cautiously optimistic that it will not require surgery.

I want to express my sincere apologies to the fans, the UFC and Evan for not being able to compete at UFC Fight Night 23: Fight for the Troops 2. Since early September, I have been training for this fight. Evan is a great fighter and has undoubtedly been working very hard towards this fight as well. Plus, it is a big disappointment that I will not be able to fight in the octagon for the brave soldiers that fight for us.

I am determined to return to the octagon in the first half on 2011. Accordingly, I will keep you all updated.

Fight for the Troops 2 Fight Card

Main Card:

Evan Dunham v Melvin Guillard
Matt Mitrione v Tim Hague
Mark Hominick v George Roop
Pat Barry v Joey Beltran
Cole Miller v Matt Wiman

Preliminary Card:

Yves Edwards vs. TBD (was originally scheduled to fight Guillard)
Mike Swick vs. David Mitchell
DaMarques Johnson vs. Mike Guymon
Chan Sung Jung vs. Rani Yahya
Waylon Lowe vs. Williamy Freire
Charlie Brenneman vs. Amilcar Alves

  • korean zombie and mike swick on prelim card?

  • melvin guillard: vicious knees!

  • Id rather see Melvin Guillard fight any day!

  • Melvin Guillard?
    That guy only beats tomato cans.

    last 4 wins …
    Jeremy Stephens
    Waylon Lowe
    Ronys Torres
    Gleison Tibau

    That sure is some hight talent he fights.

    I was very much looking forward to this fight … but now with Guillard i could care less really.

  • Also … what a shitcard this is.

    Bunch of no-names and never gonna be.
    You would think the UFC could give the troops a better card .. where are all the big names? … any big name?

    If its for free Dana seems to really pull out the crappy cards lately.

  • Suck

  • There aint any BIG names, only some smaller names. But those names will promise great fights: Dunham, Swick, Korean zombie, Barry, Mitrione…Great fights.

  • Man this sucks, Dunham vs Florian was going to be so sick

  • Still going to be a good fight and a good card

  • yeah i was thinking the same thing and tim hague on the main card? he has only won 1 fight and this is his 3rd spell in the ufc

  • I wouldnt call any of the following no names; Evan Dunham, Melvin Guillard, Matt Mitrione, Mark Hominick, Pat Barry, Joey Beltran, Mike Swick

    do some home work these are all top up and comers…

  • For me this looks like a very entertaining card. Yea Florian vs Dunham wouldve been great, but don’t underestimate Guillard, he has power, and he’s always dangerous – he has to proof that after the boring fight against Stephens.. But I’d still predict an easy win for Dunham – in an entertaining fight.

  • Card just went in the crapper….

  • Upgrade my ass. Guillard is inconsistent at best and only half the fighter that Florian is. Get a clue.

  • Guillard will get his ass handed to him by Dunham.

  • This is what happens when the UFC gets too big for its britches. You are only going to get so many great cards a year, and this is not one of them.

  • me Guillards always looked sharp to me. I think hes one of the most promising in the division. Kenny might have the brains but hes just not a champion. Honestly id rather watch guillard fight.

  • dont underestimate Guillard, he so insanely explosive and powerful. easily one of the most athletic fighters in lightweight. ive always had my eye on him, if he puts everything together right then he has a decent chance of beating Dunham (who is also a freaking beast).

  • Looking forward Melvin knocking this guy out

  • i saw from another site that cody mckenzie stepped in to fight yves edwards, if thats true then good for him, he showin alot of heart and balls

  • its a good thing for florian he pulled off evan would have beat him up all three rounds.. now its time for gillard to get his ass kicked again

  • Oh well…..

  • I would see Gulliard win the standing exchange, if it goes to the ground; Dunham would submit using his flexibibity

  • Its cause its a free TV card, and its probobly cause of Mitrione

  • I see every one of these fighters putting on a great show…
    I think you dont like the card cause of the fighters, some of the lower class fighters i have seen put on better shows then the super stars cause they have a tendency to go beast mode sometimes. Remember UFC117? Every fight i saw on the main card was crap, the only fight that was beast and stood out well was when Matt Mitrione and Joey Beltran (2 lower fighters) were fighting on the Spike Card. They made all the other fights looks shit.

    I predict this is gonna be a good year starter event.

  • Chya Melvin Gulliard = Beast

  • @MMA Lurker

    C’mon bro …
    Hominick isnt bad but who is he fighting?
    Brennaman is pretty good but who is he fighting?
    I like Mitrione but he us fighting a tomato can as well.

    One sided shit-fights.

    George Roop (1-2 in UFC ..1-3 in WEC)
    Yves Edwards (1 ufc fight ..won/Gunderson?)
    David Mitchell (1 ufc fight .. lost)
    Waylon Lowe (2 UFC fights ..lost both)
    Williamy Freire (first UFC fight)

    Gonna be a barn burner … have at it.

  • Your wrong on most of those records…

    If their all one-sided than at least well get to see more finishes that night…
    unlike recent bouts in the UFC.

  • Just found out they added cody mckenzie to this card

  • cody’s got a bright future, u dont go 12 wins in a row without bein extremely talented, if he develops a good strikin game i think he might be a force for either LW or FW