Nine Reasons 2017 Is The UFC’s Worst Year Ever


8. High-Profile Defectors Leave For Bellator

Rory MacDonald. Benson Henderson. Roy Nelson. Josh Thomson.

The list goes on. 2017 has seen more big names heading to Bellator, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for MMA, but looks an awful lot like a loss for the UFC.

And so far? Pretty much all of them have been starched in Bellator. Andrei Koreshkov made Henderson look like a little child. Thomson was knocked out cold. Lorenz Larkin lost his Bellator debut.

Overall, not a great look for the world’s leading mixed martial arts promotion.

  • Bill Wolf

    2018 should be better than 2017 for the UFC, because there are no more wheels to fall off the cart. You can’t lose your Ronda Rousey when you no longer have a Ronda Rousey. Or is the Women’s Featherweight division going to become even less credible in 2018? How would that happen?

    But even if it’s not a disaster, 2018 might not be very good. First, whatever debts and financial arrangements were hanging over the UFC in 2017, creating pressure to make bad, short-termist decisions, will still be there in 2018. Nothing is better; everything is probably worse.

    Second, the UFC has not seen the rise of new stars and it has not effectively built up the stars it does still have in 2017, so it won’t be able to harvest that star power in 2018. The UFC has not found a good way to work together with Mighty Mouse to promote him effectively. The rise of Valentina Shevchenko did not happen. There are some good performers like Joanna Champion, who can still be counted on to excite fans, and that’s about it.

  • HeteroFriendly

    ” they accidentally created a monster in Conor McGregor, or more specifically, his ego.”

    They created that one before Mayweather.
    First they created that monster through repeated special treatment and then THATS what eventually lead to Mayweather.

    And there wasn’t any reason to stop the Maywether fight by then becasue that monster wasn’t going back in the bag. They made that bed and had no choice but to sleep in it nails and all by then.

    And its interesting to remember that Zuffa actually got that Conny monster ball rolling before the sale was announced. A little bit of used car salesman sawdust in the engine trick there.

    But I cant say that I have any sympathy for img.
    Their own arrogant hollywood greed blinded then to anything that they didn’t want to see.
    Those hollywood types can be slick in ways, but they can also be stupid when they become blinded by their own greed and arrogance.