Why Vegas is Iconic for Combat Sports Events

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the fight capital of the world, where the biggest combat sports events take place. Everything from the biggest boxing and MMA events all take place in the City of Sin.

Have you ever wondered why Vega is iconic for combat sports events? Here is a full explanation as to why Vegas is the destination for the biggest combat sports events in the world.

Why is Vegas Iconic for Combat Sports Events?

People from all over the world don’t just come to Vegas to play Texas Holdem. They come to Vegas to see the biggest fights in history and there’s a good reason why promoters often choose this city.

Las Vegas has all the structural needs for fight promoters to create great events and make the most money possible. Specifically, Vegas has four advantages that has made it the entertainment capital of the world.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Accessibility
  3. Regulatory Environment
  4. Historical Significance & Reputation 


There’s a reason why Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world and it was all by design. When Sin City was founded for the sole purpose of being the biggest entertainment destination in the world.

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Vegas boasts world-class arenas and venues that were designed to host large-scale events. Some of the large-scale venues located within the city include the MGM Arena, T-Mobile Arena, and Mandalay Bay Event Center.

Just recently, Vegas added even more world-class arenas with The Sphere and Allegiant Stadium, which is the home of the Raiders.

Then on top of the arenas, which hold over 10k spectators, Vegas also has the world’s best resorts and restaurants. Five star resorts that have every type of food imaginable and superstar entertainers perform in them weekly.


Las Vegas is easily accessible from major cities across the United States and around the world. Its well-connected airport and extensive hotel accommodations make it easy for coaches, fighters, and fans to travel to the city.

Sin City’s marketing and promotions also help make the city more accessible. No matter where you are in the US or the world, airlines run promotions on cheaper flights to Vegas.

This marketing and promotion makes Vegas more accessible to all types of people. You’ll see everyone from the rich to tourists on a vacation all having a great time while staying in Vegas.

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Regulatory Environment 

Nevada arguably has the best state athletic commission in the country and even the world. The Nevada State Athletic Commission(NSAC) is known for having well-structured rules and guidelines for combat sports events.

They are known for having stringent regulations and oversight that ensure fair competition and safety for all pro and amateur athletes. This reputation gives promoters and fighters confidence in hosting events in Las Vegas. 

It’s one of the main reasons that the biggest MMA and boxing promotions have their HQs located within Vegas. The NSAC’s rules and regulations allow for big fights to run smoothly, which will make the city a lot of money.

Historical Significance & Reputation 

Las Vegas is synonymous with entertainment. It’s a city built on spectacle and excitement, making it the perfect backdrop for big fights. 

The city’s glitz and glamour add allure and prestige to the fights held there. This is why Vegas has a renowned reputation for being the fight capital of the world.

The best fighters in the world know that having their fight in Vegas, it will be a more prestigious spectacle. Not to mention that they’re giving themselves to make more money on their fight.

The Greatest Combat Sports Events in Vegas History

Throughout the history of all combat sports, Vegas has been the setting for the best fights ever. Here are some of the best boxing and MMA events that were held in Vegas.

  • Mayweather vs. Pacquiao(2015): This long-awaited bout between two legendary boxers was dubbed “the fight of the century.” The fight took place at the MGM Arena and became the most-watched boxing event ever and shattered all PPV records.
  • UFC 194: McGregor vs. Aldo: The grudge match for the UFC featherweight title that skyrocketed Conor McGregor to superstardom. This fight had over 1.2 million PPV buys and earned a whopping $80 million gate.
  • Mayweather vs. McGregor: The crossover fight between the two biggest stars of MMA and boxing. Conor and Floyd’s fight quickly became one of the top-grossing fights of all time and both fighters earned over $100 million.
  • UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor: The highest-drawing UFC PPV of all time was the Khabib vs. McGregor fights. Despite a riot breaking out, this fight earned 2.4 million PPV buys and a $180 million gate.
  • UFC 264: Poirier vs. McGregor: The third fight in this trilogy is the second highest-grossing UFC fight ever. This fight card earned over 1.8 million PPV buys and a $120 million gate.