Tyron Woodley’s UFC 214 Med Suspension Extended To 180 Days For Injury

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Tyron Woodley’s medical suspension caused by an injury sustained during his title defense against Demain Maia at UFC 214 has been extended for an impending shoulder surgery.

News broke Wednesday of the CSAC’s decision to extend the welterweight champion’s medical suspension, which was initially only seven days as made mandatory by the commission.

Woodley himself confirmed he had thrown his shoulder out during the very first round against Maia. Regardless, Woodley put on a beating in a fight where the contender was never really in, competitively speaking.

On Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Woodley told Ariel Helwani that he tore his labrum, or ligament, in his right shoulder.

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While he could be cleared by a doctor before the 180-day suspension is up, Woodley could remain out of action until January 25, 2018, if the suspension remains upheld.

The welterweight champ will have to undergo surgery to correct it.

Woodley said that the torn labrum forced him to abandon his usually lethal overhand right, yet he still managed to stuff 20 takedowns from Maia, a noted grappling and submission expert who has gotten down pretty much every other welterweight he has fought.

Unfortunately, fans’ reaction to Woodley after the fight suggests they may not be missing him in the Octagon anytime soon.