Wanderlei Silva Wants To Beat Up Rampage Like A ‘Roly-Poly Toy’

MMA Junkie / USA Today

Earlier this week, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who was recently eliminated from the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix after suffering a defeat to Chael Sonnen, told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that he’d like to take on Wanderlei Silva for a fourth time in his next fight.

Silva also appears to be interested, although he has one condition that needs to be met in order to make the fight happen:

”I will (talk to Bellator president Scott Coker), but I want to do this rematch with ‘Rampage’ at Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba,” Silva told Gazeto do Povo (Via MMAFighting.com) “I’ll put this as a condition, to be in my hometown. Then it would be worth the effort. Money alone isn’t worth it, it has to be something more, and that would be fighting in front of my friends in Curitiba.”

Silva, who’s also coming off of a defeat to Sonnen, has spent the majority of his career competing at middleweight and light heavyweight, while Jackson has competed at heavyweight as of late.

That wouldn’t be a problem for “The Axe Murderer”, however, as he said that “Rampage” is ‘fat’ and that he’d ‘beat him up like a roly-poly toy’:

”I’m kind of big, too, with 229 pounds,” he said. “I’m training a bit stronger. He’s fat. I want to beat him up like a roly-poly toy. I’d beat him up. I hate him so much.

”That knockout he gave me (at UFC 92), hit a lucky hand on my chin. And after I went down he went there and landed another one. I hate him. I only wait for the next one to return the favor. It will be a brawl, the way people want.”

Although Silva has won two of the three bouts with Jackson, scoring stoppage victories at Pride Final Conflict 2003 and Pride 28, it appears as if the Brazilian legend wants his revenge for the way the third fight ended.