Wanderlei Silva who is going to be fighting Michael Bisping on Feburary 21st in UFC 110 believes he has found the formula too beat Bisping after watch his tapes over and over again.

A confident Silva had this to say, “I’ve studied his game, I know all movements, I’m ready for him,” Silva said recently. “I feel great. I feel my technique growing up; my cardio is amazing. I feel really, really, really good.”

Silva is going to be looking to follow Henderson’s gameplan as Henderson was the one to give Bisping his first ever knockout loss. “Henderson gave me the way to beat him,” commented Silva. “I’m going to try to copy Henderson. I know the way to beat him. I have a good game plan.”

In order to beat Bisping, Silva went back to his old Chute Box trainer Rafael Cordeiro, who brought in world class fighters such as; Werdum, King Mo, Mayhem Miller and Bablu to help train Silva.

Silva believes his work with King Mo will be the big key in his fight with Bisping because he believes Bisping will not be able to take him down to the ground like he did against Dennis Kang and this will result in a stand up battle in which Silva will use his superior stand up skills to beat Bisping.

Silva is ready to put his reputation on the line and prove to everyone why he’s called the “Axe Murderer”

This fight will take place next weekend on Feburary 21st in UFC 110 in Sydney