Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort is off-and-running in his new venture into the Boxing world. Later this year, he’ll face one of the all-time boxing greats in Oscar De La Hoya.

But Belfort has big things in mind for this stage of his career, including a potential rematch with Anderson Silva as both transition to the boxing ring.

Belfort spoke in a recent interview with Combate ahead of his highly-anticipated boxing exhibition with De La Hoya and didn’t rule out possibly boxing his old rival Silva down the line.

“I think we will,” Belfort said when asked whether or not he would box Silva. “They say the rematch is something everyone likes. It’s not the dish we eat, it’s the dish you eat. My message for him is ‘see you soon.”

Belfort and Silva share a unique history during their time in the UFC. Belfort became the UFC’s youngest tournament winner at UFC 12, while Silva is highly regarded as the most accomplished middleweight champion of all time.

Silva defeated Belfort via knockout back at UFC 126 in the middle of his title reign. The rivalry between the two Brazilian superstars became heated after the two nearly brawled at the weigh-ins before the bout.

Silva turned heads this past weekend as he defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by decision in his first boxing match since 2005. He showed off his trademark swagger in the boxing ring and had Chavez swinging and missing for a good chunk of the fight.

Belfort will face De La Hoya in September and has big plans for his boxing career; having already called out boxing legend Evander Holyfield and others. A boxing match with Belfort and Silva squaring off in the ring would surely be entertaining to fans of the two MMA legends, and both have a legitimate opportunity to make a real name for themselves in a new sport.

How excited would you be about a Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva boxing match?