Video: Tyron Woodley Believes He’s Greatest Welterweight Champion in UFC History

Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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Ever since winning the welterweight title Tyron Woodley has said he wants to be remembered as the greatest of all-time in his division. The “Chosen One” took one step closer to greatness at UFC 228 as he submitted Darren Till to defend his title.

The welterweight GOAT debate can’t take place without Georges St-Pierre. However, GSP has openly stated that at this point in his career he is only interested in “legacy fights”.

Woodley has largely downplayed the idea of a fight with St-Pierre due to these comments. Regardless, the “Chosen One” believes he has already done enough to be considered the best in the world.

“I am the greatest welterweight champion of all time,” Woodley told TMZ Sports following his win on Saturday night. “No disrespect to Georges St-Pierre but I don’t have to fight him to prove that. I’m fighting right now when the sport is at its peak, when the sport is at its hottest. When the athletes are the most supreme, whether it’s genetically using PED’s [performance enhancing drugs] or it’s just because they’ve watched it for the last 25 years and they started wrestling and grappling and striking at the same time. In that era it was the striker, the grappler, and [Georges St-Pierre] made it to the era where wrestlers like Johny Hendricks and Josh Koscheck started to be able to throw punches.”

“Now you’ve got a guy like me, who just got his black belt in jiu-jitsu, All-American wrestler and I’ve out struck all the best strikers in the entire UFC and I train with one of the best boxing coaches in the game, Eric Brown from Wild Card. You would almost say I’m a black belt in three different arts. I’m that type of fighter and then I’m like a Mack truck, then I’m very cerebral and I have a good fight IQ.”

Woodley is well on his way to welterweight royalty but he is still a few title defenses shy of St-Pierre’s record nine. Regardless, the “Chosen One” thinks his resume should speak for itself.

Maybe if Woodley can match GSP’s record nine welterweight title defenses a “legacy fight” would seem more appealing to the Canadian. Time will tell.

Watch Tyron Woodley’s interview with TMZ Sports here:

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