Video: Raquel Pennington Says ‘She’s Done,’ But Corner Sends Her Out To Get Finished

Photo Credit: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

Raquel Pennington was battered and bloodied by Amanda Nunes (watch highlights here) in the main event of last night’s (Sat., May 12, 2018) UFC 224 from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Following three surgeries and a layoff that spanned 18 months, Pennington returned for the tough challenge of fighting the most dominant woman in her weight class, and even though she held her own, the nonstop attack of Nunes was clearly too much for “Rocky” to handle.

That became apparent in the fourth round when Nunes began to land a torrent of knees that opened Pennington up and broke her nose after battering her leg with low kicks early in the bout. The damage was so great that Pennington actually told her corner that she ‘was done’ in between the fourth and fifth rounds in a video via BT Sport UFC:

“I’m done. I want to be done.”

Pennington then appeared to argue with her team for a second before listening to their words. However, Pennington’s cornerman Jason Kutz wasn’t having it, urging her to fight on (via MMAjunkie):

“No, no, no, girl,” Kutz said. “Don’t go out like this. C’mon, girl. I know it hurts. Let’s power through this. Let’s power through this and believe. Change your mindset. Let’s throw everything we got. We’ll recover later. Throw everything we got.”

Pennington ultimately went out for the fifth round, absorbing a ton of unnecessary damage when Nunes destroyed her nose to end the fight with the challenger in a bloody mess. Her cornerman instantly received much criticism for his decision to not listen to her wish to stop competing and taking more damage.

What did you think? Should Pennington’s cornerman have stopped the fight right when she asked him?