Video: Fighters Ignore Ref To Brawl At Brazilian MMA Event

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Two fighters on a regional MMA card in Brazil took their flyweight fight into their own hands when Joao Elias and Walter Martins ignored the referee and continued fighting each other regardless.

The two began to brawl at Imortal FC 9 in Maranhao, Brazil, after being separated by the referee, who had halted the action to have a doctor check on a cut on Elias. The hapless ref attempted to get in between the two, but the continued on, with one even kicking right through the official just to get a piece of the man who angered him.

Imortal FC president Stefano Sartori and both fighters’ teams stormed the cage, and the mayhem was ultimately deemed a no contest.

See the madness for yourself!

Eventually, enough people stormed the cage to separate the two flyweights. Definitely not something you see every day.

Paul Daley barely got one punch in on Josh Koscheck after the bell and these two flyweights managed to fight on indefinitely.