At Showcase MMA 23 in Kingsport, Tennessee this past Saturday, Marquell Fulwood-Jones took on Bellator veteran Brandon Calton, who people might remember from his split decision loss to pro wrestling star Jake Hager.

In the first round, Calton found himself in a dominant position on the side of his opponent’s back. Unfortunately, for him, a momentary lapse in concentration led to him throwing and landing a nasty illegal knee that seemed to bring an end to the bout.

The fight appeared to be over as Fulwood-Jones slumped face-first to the canvas. However, the man making his professional MMA debut opted to carry on fighting rather than take home a DQ win. Calton was deducted just one point for the illegal shot that seemingly tipped the fight in his favour.

Calton started to pour it on with his strikes when the bout restarted only to get caught with two flush overhands that dropped him. Fulwood-Jones jumped on his opponent and unleashed ground strikes until the referee stepped in to wave off the fight.

Check out the highlights from Marquell Fulwood-Jones vs. Brandon Calton

Do you think this fight should’ve been waved off after the illegal knee?