In the UFC 260 co-main event former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is hoping to end his three-fight losing skid when he takes on the always exciting Vicente Luque. Who’ll win? Let’s find out…

Round 1: Tyron Woodley starts uncharacteristically fast in round one. ‘The Chosen One’ flies out and misses with a big right hand. He falls into the clinch and goes to work on a takedown attempt. Vicente Luque defends well and now has control of the former champion against the fence. Woodley turns the position and they are back in the striking range. Woodley uncorks a big overhand right. He already looks much better than his previous three fights. Luque returns with a nice shot of his own. We clinch up again. The two fighters are exchanging short shots against the fence. Back to the striking range again. Woodley lands big and appears to hurt Luque. The Brazilian is able to survive and land a punch of his own which badly hurts Woodley. He’s falling all over the place. Luque is swarming and Woodley is somehow still standing. The fight goes to the floor and Luque locks up a choke. Woodley is unable to escape and taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Vicente Luque def. Tyron Woodley via submission in round one.

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