Ultimate Fight Night 30 Results And Recap: Machida Knocks Out Munoz In One

The prelims delivered with some thoroughly exciting bouts in Manchester, England. Ultimate Fight Night 30 has been made all the more enjoyable by the fans, who make their support heard very well. Lets hope the main card is just as good.

The Flyweights John Liniker and Phil Harris went at it first, and it was a scrappy affair. Liniker lands well with power punches early on, but the Brit Harris is game and counters with straight punches. A huge right drops Harris but he gets up, and they trade big time on the feet. Harris looks to be hurt and he is backing up, a huge left to the gut and it’s over. First round TKO for Liniker, who was likely fighting for his career after missing weight again.

Alessio Sakara faces Nicholas Musoke in a Middlweight clash now, and I doubt this one will last long. Nico comes out jabbing but gets tagged with a huge right hand, he recovers after a scramble and now he rocks Sak with a straight right and he is hurt. They trade like crazy and Nico ends up in guard after a takedown, what a great fight!

Nico in half guard now, and scoots to side control pushing his knee down on Sakara’s belly. Sakara slips out the back and now he is on top winging big punches. Nico throws up a leg and locks in a super tight armbar, and its over! What a war that was, with Musoke stealing a submission win in his debut.

Now its time for Norman Parke vs. Jon Tuck at Lightweight, and they look ready for this one. Tuck opens with high kicks, Parke answers in kind. A tentative start by both guys, as they jab and faint their way in. The Brit Parke is a southpaw, and circles outside of Tuck’s orthodox jab. Big right hands and a flying knee by Tuck, but Parke fires a sturdy left hook.

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norman parke 290176 left30Now Parke is complaining of an eye poke, so Tuck decides to wing a head kick-what a guy. This is a close round as they both fire good straight shots, Tuck is slowing a bit now and Parke turns it up well. Wow Tuck looks gassed as Parke land a ridiculous side slam, nice first round and too tight to score.

Round two commences and Parke is pushing Tuck back with punches and he catches Tuck win a nice uppercut to the chin. A left to the body from Parke, and again to the gut; he is owning the round so far. He doubles with a right to the head followed by straight shots to the dome, and now a big uppercut down the pipe.

Parke cuts nice angles as he lands an uppercut straight combo, Tuck has no answer for Parke’s speed and he is getting popped at will. Parke just boxes his man at range, but now Tuck with a flying knee. Head kick from NP, and Tuck’s chin is in the air, with his hands down. Dominant round for Parke.

They touch up for the third stanza, Parke is landing swift boxing as he pings Tuck with that lead uppercut. Parke seems to be the fresher fighter but Tuck lets him know he is still in it with a slick jab/straight. Tuck’s mouthpiece falls out and he just tries to pick it up, Parke stalks him and carries on punching-what a guy.

They trade leather and Parke eats a knee, Tuck has been backing up the whole fight and is looking tired and beaten. Parke is relentless with his boxing but Tuck lands a nice left, Parke walks through it. Over and over with that one/two and Tuck is bleeding. They grin as they trade big punches, and now Parke with some acrobatic kicks. What a brilliant fight, I’d score it for Parke 29-28. Parke takes home the UD, after a great fight.

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Ryan Jimmo against Jimi Minuwa now in a battle at Light-Heavyweight, and they look pretty amped. RJ opens with a big 1,2 combo then switches to southpaw. They clinch and Jimmo controls Jimi (lol) against the cage. A little dirty boxing and some knees and they are split apart, now Minuwa is clinching Jimmo against the fence, not much going on. Big knees to the thigh from Minuwa and Jimmo is wincing in pain.

They trade huge punches finally, and these two can really bang. Jimmo is certainly the faster of the two, landing a few quick jabs and kicks. Minuwa plods forward as he looks for a KO, but RJ takes it well and answers with right hands to the face. Round ends, and it was super close.

The second is on, they clinch against the cage again and get split after a minute. Jimmo is pacing forward now and Minuwa is slowing as he gets whacked with a right hook, that woke him up. He fires back but Jimmo lands a brutal body kick, Jimi tries a knee but Jimmo defends and they clinch. Now a knee to the baby maker by Jimi and RJ almost vomits.

They go again and RJ goes for a trip, denied and they clinch AGAIN. Nice elbows by RJ as they collide in the centre of the ring now and Minuwa lands a knee and Jimmo is hurt, but it wasn’t the knee, no his hamstring just gave out. He screams in pain as Jimi moves in for the kill (what a guy) and the ref waves it off. Minuwa wins by injury TKO.

The co-main for the evening is Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson at 155, and I bet my marbles that these guys wont fight for more than three minutes. They come out moving well, waiting for the other to commit. Guillard with a swift right and RP with a low kick, Ross has smooth boxing. Guillard gets caught with a clean hook and moves away as if hurt.

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Pearson is stalking his man here and bobbing his head, Guillard catches a flying knee and Pearson is down. Guillard lands a knee while Pearson is down, was that legal? Another big knee and the ref steps in, Pearson is cut up bad; turns out both knees were illegal and the fight is called off due to the cut. That really sucks, could possibly be a dq for Guillard here, nope it’s a no contest.

Main event time!

I’ve got a good feeling about this fight, and they are underway. Machida in a low stance and he looks relaxed as usual. Munoz jabs and hits air, Machida with low kicks now and he is stalking Munoz. Good left to the body now by Machida. Munoz seems happy to strike with The Dragon here, may prove costly.

Munoz rolls the shoulders as Machida lunges a left straight, nice kicks now by the karate master. He connects to the body but Munoz is OK, and now a huge left high kick and it’s over, Munoz is out. Wow! Machida doesn’t follow in with punches (what a guy!) and they embrace as Munoz is back to his feet.

An amazing MW debut for Machida who looked incredible.


John Liniker def. Phil Harris by TKO (punches) round one

Nico Musoke def. Alessio Sakara by submission (armbar) round one

Norman Parke def. Jon Tuck by unanimous decision

Jimmi Minuwa def. Ryan Jimmo by TKO (injury) round two

Melvin Guillard vs Ross Pearson ruled a no contest following cut from illegal knee

Lyoto Machida def. Mark Munoz by KO (head kick) round one