UFC Fighter Seriously Hurt After Running Into UK Traffic

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Former UFC lightweight Terry Etim is dealing with some serious injuries after purposely running into UK traffic.

You may remember Etim from being on the receiving end of one of the most grizzly knockouts in UFC history, when he took a hellacious wheel kick from Edson Barboza back in January of 2012. Etim hasn’t competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) since his 2013 unanimous decision win over Patrick Cenoble in Bellator.

UK news-outlet Liverpool Echo reports that Etim is seriously injured after “running in and out of traffic” in Old Swann. It was said that Etim attempted to throw himself in front of four vehicles, which included three single-decker Stagecoach and Arriva buses. Only one was believed to be stationary when Etim flung himself in front of them.

He was soon restrained by police and taken to the hospital where his condition was described as serious. A local hairdresser, Andrea McCullough, had this to say on what she witnessed:

“It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. His friends were running after him and trying to restrain him on the floor but he managed to break free and was running in and around all the cars. He wasn’t trying to harm anybody but himself. He was covered from head to toe in blood.”

Photo Credit: Liverpool Echo

Some unconfirmed reports suggest that Etim was traveling in a car with friends before deciding to jump out and begin throwing himself into traffic. A nearby barber who was having lunch, Alan Miles, said he heard “screaming and shouting” from a nearby road and went to help out:

“I went out and helped to restrain the man in a nearby car park, but he wrestled his way out from the people that were holding him down. He had blood all over him and I got a lot of it on my hands as I tried to hold him down. His friends were saying he was a professional cage fighter.”

Etim left many busses’ windscreens shattered and stained with blood, holding up traffic for quite some time while the whole ordeal was being sorted out. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more….

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